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Limiting the Work Day to Get More Done

Writing for Financial Times, Lucy proposes a return to the 9 to 5 workday, citing a number of benefits from doing so, including:
- a reduction in time wasted by being at work but actually getting little done. 58 more words

Being Effective

Secrets of Success 101 - by Nicholas Bate

Nicholas has published another one of his thought provoking 101 blog posts, this time on the secrets of success. There’s always a lot in each to prod toward action, cause thinking, agree with, disagree with, and ruminate on during the small hours of the night. 136 more words

Being Effective

Multiple Monitors: Blessing or Curse?

Farhad questions the benefit of using multiple monitors on his desktop computer, arguing that the benefits have been oversold:

“The conventional argument in favour of dual monitors rests on what might be called the two-window problem. 415 more words

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