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A Moment of Reflection

Looking back on the last year of my life I reflect on how far Ive come. From being out of pocket in my spirituality to becoming even more eager worshiper, from living with someone to having my own place, from very little income to a more stable flow of  money, from feeling alone and single to being too occupied to care that I’m single, from being reading my bible to get me through to seeing prophecies in the word about where I’m going. 278 more words

Motivation: Spirit & Mind

Being Grateful, The Key To Happiness

Being grateful IS the KEY to happiness. Being in the moment. Not in the past, where chest crushing grief lives. Not in the future, where anxiety for the unknown can loom. 104 more words


grateful to just be

In today’s ever changing landscape in the business world I see many aspects of other’s jobs and professions that I am grateful I will never have to consider as part of my own professional landscape. 585 more words

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Being Grateful For All that We Have

By Peg Jones

We have so much to be grateful for in our lives. I am reminded of this every day of my life. I know that there were times when I may have not felt that way as far as feeling grateful on a daily basis. 833 more words

Being Grateful

Around the garden - September 4

Photos from the garden, a weekly photographic wander round my garden.


Day 5: The Cure For Hopium Addiction: Being Grateful.

I want to share something very personal about

myself with all of you today…

I desire to be happy.

And now, may I point out the obvious to you?…

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Happy Labor Day 2014

Went camping at Rockaway last weekend with my husband, Joe, our friend, Todd, and youth America- our adopted grand girls- 3 and 5.  The first day we set up tent. 430 more words

Schizoaffective Disorder- Schizo-affective Disorder