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Embracing imperfections

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Thanks to my favorite makeup guru bubzbeauty and Michelle Phan, I have recently come to learn that the key to happiness is not striving to be perfect, but to embrace my imperfections, as we are all born to be perfectly imperfect. 520 more words


Happy days

I love July. It makes me feel gloriously stuck in the middle of summer. It makes me feel like I have time, like I have enough long nights and hot days to last as long as I need. 400 more words



(Because Audrey asked for more verse)

I shall eat when hungry
sleep when sleepy
move when weary
seek beauty when weighted down
   by the hugeness of the world… 143 more words


A Very Special Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to Harry Potter and his creator, J.K. Rowling, who have entered the lives of many through ink and paper, and changed them as well. 369 more words



I’m in deep need of a gratitude post, I often take time in my life to feel grateful for the things that I have. I was once homeless, I was once abused as a child, I was once in a place far less safe than where I am now. 2,814 more words

My Mom

My husband Joe and I

My husband, Joe, and I had a wonderful time with his sister, Mary, and her family who came up to Portland for a visit. Joe, who ran a printing press the majority of his life, and who was afflicted with diabetes in 1987,  is my mainstay of 37 years.  208 more words

Schizoaffective Disorder- Schizo-affective Disorder

I am Grateful

I double dog dare you.

Right Now…for to be grateful for 10 things.

To be grateful to anyone or anything, lessons you have learned, or what you have, friends, family, anything. 86 more words

Self Care