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Harnessing Gratitude

As we continue to move toward the holiday Christmas season at what seems to be lightning speed, I’m reminded of the importance of gratitude. Everyone is so busy doing, buying, visiting, stressing, that it’s easy to forget to be grateful for the small every day things. 602 more words

Debbie A. McClure

La vida se decide en un momento

Some words of wisdom my grandfather would always tell me to keep me from doing stupid things, words that I never liked to think about.  “Life is decided in a moment.” 438 more words

3 Strategies to Create a Habit of Gratitude

Being truly grateful for things in our life can have a very positive impact on our relationships, career, marriage, emotional health, and more. And practicing gratitude is known to increase confidence, since it is impossible to experience a negative emotion while you’re being grateful for something. 460 more words

Goals And Dreams


Is it really weird or just a superbly random coincidence or do the course instructors know that not many teachers are grateful?

After taking the VIA survey… 181 more words

Self Reflection

Photo of Winner of my Sherry Goes Sane Reader's Contest

Here is a photo of Sherry Marasse, winner of my Sherry Goes Sane Reader Contest. She hung the prize, my painting of ‘Brilliant Flowers Opening Up to the Sun,’ in her counseling office at the Tyler Center.


Celebrate, celebrate and embrace those highs

Looking to our brains, for a change, research from neuroscience reveals the simple secrets on how to be motivated and to foster an environment where motivation can thrive. 656 more words