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It's Yours

-Healing is yours in Jesus Name
-Mercy is yours in Jesus Name
– Compassion is yours in Jesus Name
-Salvation is yours in Jesus Name… 129 more words

Being Grateful

Publicos Baños

Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God.

Kurt Vonnegut

For the past year or so, Peter and I have been traveling across Mexico – driving from Sonora, the northern-most state, south through Sinaloa and Nayarit to our home in Guanajuato in the central mountainous area…journeys to the artisans of Michoacán…Puebla…Oaxaca…through Tabasco, Campache and Chiapas…across Yucatan and to my other home in Quintana Roo on the eastern coast. 287 more words


You Is smart, you is kind and you is important

When I was a little girl my mom would sit me on the counter and let me bake with her, she would give me a cup of flour or sugar and let me carefully add it to the bowl. 725 more words


Happy people don’t have perfect lives. They just simply made a decision to be happy with the life they have. They also gives thanks for the life they have been blessed to have with all its trials and tribulations.


Life goes on...or like water off a ducks back, (A day in the life of a writer)

I’d like to say that life has somewhat settled down, however it’s only been a mere few hours since yesterday and the curse of the laptop killer. 810 more words

A Day In The Life Of A Writer

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT – with habits for 2015

Last week I was invited in to the old alma mater to give an interview for their health radio show: scary stuff as I had never been on radio before, but in the spirit of moving out of my comfort zone and trying out new things…. 862 more words


I'll Have Some Grateful

It’s interesting how when we become interested in a new product, say a certain model of car, that we seem to continually notice that specific car whenever and wherever we go. 743 more words

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