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Quote of the Week: Attachment

This is my last week of my internship!!  And this is the last Monday I will have to get up for work!! (For a while at least).   397 more words


How Grateful Feels

Let me guess what you were doing at 4:27 a.m. Friday morning: Sleeping, correct? That was easy. I, on the other hand, was not. Am I insane? 739 more words


Barbie cakes and JCB's

Well happy birthday to me! Another birthday and another year older. I am in a much more positive headspace than this time last year. I am still the same weight but, thanks to my running, I am now fitter. 147 more words


On being grateful, and all that jazz.

We are mostly grateful when we feel extremely happy and see light where in other moments we would see nothing but pitch dark. We seem to be able to connect the dots and fully understand how, one not so happy place, brought us the good in our lives. 411 more words



Appreciating  :)

appreciating nature, the comforting feeling of walking down a path next to a forest, hearing the calls, and watching a frog hop by.  187 more words

Personal Growth

Update to Reframing Post

I have to update you on events that have transpired since my last post.  Remember the 4-year-old who called Atticus’ mouth ‘gross’ last Friday?  Well, around 2:00 pm that following Saturday, our doorbell rang.   589 more words

Being Grateful

Carrie and Becky’s Daily Challenge 4-8-14

Today’s Challenge: Be grateful for all the good in your life today.

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