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Why Actual Books Work

Yesterday evening I sat in a park near my house with a friend. We were both reading a new book and weren’t all that interested in talking. 303 more words

Being Happy

Life decisions, and indecisions

It has been a very indecisive week.

I have bored everyone senseless with my to-ing and fro-ing about my future. Should I try and stay on at my current job as an intern? 588 more words

Today I choose to be Happy

I need to be a happiness seeker.  Negativity is so cemented in my brain and so natural, being happy takes a lot of work, a lot of mindful w0rk.  69 more words


10 Science-Backed Happiness Hacks

Some habits you can implement to become happier – with data to back it:

1. Exercise more – helps with depression
2. Sleep more – you won’t be as moody… 67 more words


Ahhh, the power of food.

When you’re Italian (like really Italian- you fist pumping Jersey jack-asses can take… well anyways) you grow up surrounded by food. Sunday dinner involved every damn person in your family and their sister’s brother’s cousin twice removed. 550 more words

Mumble Jumble

The End, The Beginning

It’s midnight or so, just after last week’s fireworks, and I’m on the roof deck with my brother, The European and my friend Casey, who I met when we interned together at a Quaker magazine. 722 more words


Living the journey to destination..!

Life is a greatest gift to a human. We take birth and with every breath we start on this exciting journey of life. The journey is from life to death. 320 more words