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MRC - New Hope

Well this is just going to be a quick entry because I’ve got some running around to do before the start of DragonCon.  Whoops, about to get side tracked talking about DragonCon. 682 more words

Being Happy

Post #104

A podcast I listened to this morning discussed loving yourself. Specifically, the idea that if you don’t love yourself you cannot lose weight. They went on to say that the root of any weight loss journey is really to learn how to love yourself and to be happy. 288 more words

In a Rut.

I’ve been neglecting a lot of things in my life lately. Not just this blog. I was stuck in a bad rut, and I feel like I’m finally starting to come out of it. 314 more words

Angel Shots

Have you heard of  angel shots? They aren’t found on the typical vaccination schedule, but they are just as beneficial to your health and happiness. Angel shots are given when you need an extra boost of love from God. 35 more words



I fixed the shower switch!  Using proper tools and everything!  Fair enough, I haven’t yet got round to buying myself a set of step ladders so I was (mildly) precariously balanced on a chair whilst doing so, but at least this time I was using a proper screwdriver (I recently popped into Aldi for a pint of milk, and came out with a set of screwdrivers.  84 more words

Sick Day Number 2

I went up to see Brett again today, and once again I thought I would never get there. It was pouring down rain, the traffic was heavy, and I still did not feel well. 405 more words


Home is Where the Heart Is

I wrote a post earlier about my day and in it I talked about the commute to Brett’s house and how I never thought is would get there. 194 more words