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Abortion Clinic Inspections vs Restaurants

Arizona Approves Surprise Inspections of Abortion Clinics | TIME.com.

Seems amazing to me that random surprise restaurant inspections are not controversial, but surprise abortion clinic inspections are considered by some to be harmful to woman’s health. 26 more words


Admit It: You’re Just Making This Up As You Go

I was just a young hormonal Catholic school boy sitting in church on Sundays begging God to forgive me every time I thought about having sex with one of the girls I saw. 871 more words

Being Human

Dead or Not?

Is a patient ‘vegetative?’ The crucial answer may be quite wrong..

We have machines that can pump blood, food and air into a body that has no brain activity, but is that life? 62 more words

Being Human

Cornucopia of Causes

Put me on display,
Crackerjack, freedom writer,
With a mind bent on today;
Yesteryear’s another cipher.

Bring the melancholy slopes;
We’ll sled them,
Sliding off the sense. 232 more words



Hello Beautiful People,

This post is going to be totally different from my previous post because, this post is actually about an incident that took place when I was on my way for an Ice-cream treat – The previous day, after posting my first blog I went to a Ice-cream parlor, which is approximately 8 km from my home. 1,024 more words


I'm Not Perfect - Who Is ?

This post is partially dedicated to Niko. It’s a blogging phenomenon, perhaps, that I meet some really awesome people, truly inspiring. Niko is if one of those guys. 549 more words

Don Charisma

If she wants to fight, let her

If she wants to fight, let her
You as her general at her side.
If she wants to sing, let her,
You as her lines of song. 361 more words