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Friday Five: 'The Exile's Return' Edition

1. So… I turned 30. It was fine. It was a really busy month of social events so I was coaxed out of my narcissistic pit of introspective anguish and actually enjoyed myself an awful lot. 1,071 more words


My right to feel old

I’m old.
I’ve been alive for just over 22 years and I feel old. Now, there are people who will claim that for me to say that I’m old is an insult to those who are “actually” old, the people who are in their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, etc. 536 more words


New v. Old, and Old v. Young

We live in a society enamored with both the new and the young, so being old is hard, especially while we watch old things fading.  As you grow old you treasure the past and old things more and more, and your ability to keep up with new things and understand the young gets harder and harder.  One of the hardest thing about being old is trying to stay young, both in body and mind.  Menopause and erectile dysfunction are cruel reminders that staying young at heart can even feel foolish.  Sagging flesh, hair loss, wrinkles, age spots, varicose veins, gnarled fingers tells others we’re old even though on the inside we still feel nineteen.  But should we still try to act nineteen? 719 more words


Pride vs Vanity: Where Do You Draw the Line?

As much as I want to play the lady-like game of never revealing my true age, I must stop and wonder why would I do that? 572 more words

A Chapter In My Life