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Childish or aware?

I’ve recently being experiencing one of those strange confluences life seems to throw up at particularly poignant moments. Rethinking my life, trying to figure out what constitutes a good life, and navigating my way through feeling like a ‘failure’ according to the yardsticks we’re given to measure success, it’s not surprising that you start to wonder whether you’re just struggling to be an adult. 946 more words


To hydro, or not to hydro ...

… That is indeed the question.

My first hydrotherapy session was yesterday and full of enthusiasm (not) I made my way to Worcester Hospital to enter the hydro unit and be face to face with a sign that said ‘pool closed for maintenance’ ….. 287 more words

Being Positive

Change Takes Time

Changing oneself is not easy, it takes a lot of time. People are not like cars where there is a mechanic who is able to piece the broken parts together in a matter of hours or days and give you an improved version. 233 more words


Moving House

So, I just moved apartments. And it wasn’t great.

Not that moving is ever Great. For anyone. Who loves moving? My guess is that no one loves moving, because moving sucks. 946 more words


Being Positive

Being positive can be tough, especially if you’ve had a bad day – fallen out with a friend, lost something important, missed an appointment….the list goes on. 546 more words