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30 Day Challenge: Day 29 - Fame

Day 29 – If you could be famous for one thing, what would it be?

As I was thinking about this question and how I would answer it, I thought it was “If you could be remembered for one thing, what would it be?” which I have an answer to. 158 more words

All I Leave Behind

I often fantasize that my writings and art might be found long after I’m gone and I wonder what people might say about me. Will they think that I was as brilliant as I often allow my ego to pretend? 291 more words


No one thinks of you after you are dead and gone

It is true. Except for family everyone else forget very easily. It is a cold assumption but sadly it happens. We contribute a lot to our lives and we would be delighted if we give enough so people remember. 185 more words

Lent: Pain and memory...

Here is a ready made session that I ran this last week with my youth group. The first half we had LOADS of pancakes…honsetly don't know how such stick like creatures as those teens can consume so much fried batter and not be sick. 952 more words

Being Remembered

Do you ever just think, what’s the point? Why am I writing this? Who if anyone is reading? Why do they read? In the long run will anything that I write or say make a difference or even matter beyond the typing and posting? 467 more words

Being Creative

It Goes Without Saying

I have often heard the term “it goes without saying”. Unfortunately it seems these days not all people take that advice.

There are times when it is good to be silent. 323 more words

Doing Things That Will Change Your Life

Two Year Anniversary for "Tracks In the Dust"

Okay so now I am 2 years on with my blog Tracks In The Dust. My 2nd anniversary. Hundreds of posts, multiple hundreds of followers and thousands of visits later, I think I am still doing what I intended to do. 331 more words

Doing Things That Will Change Your Life