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A Requiem For Rock-Bottom Cigarette (A Loose Interpretation Of Potentially Factual Events)

The nights were becoming longer, as they often do when the winter draws in. Sunlight dwindles not long past noon and the people of the streets leave to seek refuge in warmer recesses, black clouds rolling out from the violet horizon, pregnant with rainwater or snow. 566 more words


5 Not-So Obvious Tips For When You're Sick

Hey, thug.

I get it.

I, after all, am sick as well. I’m rolling with what seems to be the third day of a fever, which is edging into “mild flu” territory. 739 more words

Holiday Do Over

I want a do over.

All of the Wand’s in our house fell like dominoes to the nasty flu virus the week of Thanksgiving. Slowly but surely, we went down one by one. 244 more words


Well I got sick

It is December, which officially means cold and flu season. I wash my hands, eat fairly well and drink a lot of water but every year I get a cold around this time. 330 more words

Growing Up

Being Sick

On the journey to live and feel healthier, it always seems that just when my ambition ramps up, my body leads a revolt. I’ve spent the last couple of days getting knocked out by the first flu bug of the season, despite conscientiously making sure that I got a flu shot. 669 more words


Currently on WebMd searching how to get rid of a cold.. This doesn't look so good.

Is that the name of the website?

Anyways, today has been pretty great at school and home minus the whole I feel like I’m going to drop dead because I have a fever and my nose is blocked and I cant think properly, and as always, I am craving KFC in a way which is probably not healthy. 85 more words


Whether it’s that bitch called the flu, a really bad cold with lots of fluids including an inflamed ear or one of your organs saying ‘OH HELL NO.’ to whatever is happening in that body of yours. 672 more words