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How to be sick without looking like an extra from The Walking Dead.

There is a huge difference between what I call “Hollywood sick” and “real-life sick”. Being Hollywood sick means looking like Meg Ryan in “You´ve got Mail”, shuffling round your flat whilst sniffling and coughing a every now and then. 1,107 more words



When I am sick and laying in bed, I dig out the longest strand of snot from my nose that I can find and roll it between my fingers until it forms a solid, tacky ball, and then flick it across the room. 176 more words


Stress Relief & Getting Sick

So it’s no surprise I’ve been stressed, moving across the country is a big deal. I’m really lucky that recovery went so well from my surgery. 282 more words

Everybody Gets The Shits.

I’m sitting on my parent’s balcony, sheltered in my armchair and wrapped in rain. I’ve watched it slowly creep across the water at first, hitting the islands a couple miles away, then racing in as soon as the clouds caught sight of the mainland. 709 more words

On Living Mindfully

Virus from hell

Nothing like having a virus attack you without warning. It will stop you, cold. That’s what happened to me last Thursday evening. In the process I lost 11 pounds in six days. 211 more words


I Am Back! - How a Trip to the ER Answered a Lot of Questions

Relax, I am fine, guys. In fact, I am great.

I am sure you remember from my last few posts that I have been pretty down. 679 more words

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