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Do you Even Empathy?

As you all know, beautiful weirdos, I am one of The Crazies. A manic depressive crazy, to be specific. Aside from this mental different-order, I also have this dis-ease called chronic fatigue. 1,006 more words


Dear Doctors & Med Schools, I Have Something to Say

Setting: Walgreens prescription counter

I hand the technician my prescriptions and she laughs. Yup, she laughs. I ask what’s wrong.

Technician: “You’re going to have to give me a moment, I don’t know what any of these say.” 181 more words

Life Lessons & Rants

love.life.eat. of the week: how not to punch people when you're sick edition

Remember that time when I was sick? When spring broke for a mere second and everyone lost their mind and pranced around in crop tops and aviator shades while I shivered under an avalanche of blankets? 447 more words

Foodie Finds

Spring Fevers

For the past two weeks I’ve been dealing with ‘crud.’  Medically speaking it’s called an upper respiratory infection.  I was given antibiotics, an inhaler, medicine to help me sleep (I couldn’t quit coughing) and medicine to help me not cough. 291 more words


the Wednesday illness

So my computer and my wi-fi had a bit of a disagreement. I couldn’t get them to speak to each other no matter how hard I pressed them to , which was a pain coz then I couldn’t post. 400 more words

Sqeaky Me

The view from here

A dog’s view of the world is different than a human’s they see what we see just
from a different perspective. Having a disability, having mild CP the way I do… 811 more words