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Stupid Things Men Complain About-ad


Stupid Things Men Complain About-ad

Guys are always complaining about how much women complain. But obviously, they complain a lot, too! Check out this list to see how. 123 more words


Sick Day Number 2

I went up to see Brett again today, and once again I thought I would never get there. It was pouring down rain, the traffic was heavy, and I still did not feel well. 405 more words


back home with a cold

It has happened again and I don’t know why, I arrive home from Germany with a runny nose and tickle in my throat.

Well I did get caught out in a thunderstorm and got soaking wet, and yes I did pack summery clothes not knowing the temperatures where about to plummet so got stuck with no proper coat or shoes, and yes my baby niece did have a runny tiny nose. 136 more words


WIT :: It's just not my month...

I’m not making this stuff up. First, my broken closet and now this.

I am still sick. I’ve been since last Wednesday but I thought I could beat it in time to do this week’s round of photo shoots over the weekend. 175 more words


Going on the Offensive When I Start Feeling Sick

I never remember how awesome it feels to be healthy until I get sick. What is the deal with getting sick in the summer anyway? I spend sufficient time outside and doing physical things. 671 more words


PhD day 6: My suffering ended with a word

I have been craving for lots of sugar lately and my mood swings like a mad woman.

This was my day at Phd day 6, in chronological order: 306 more words

PhD Journey

The One Where I'm Sick And Complain About It

I’m sick. Today is Day 7 of the the saga. This wasn’t a puny summer cold; this has been¬†full on Sick with a capital S. 890 more words