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WIT :: It's just not my month...

I’m not making this stuff up. First, my broken closet and now this.

I am still sick. I’ve been since last Wednesday but I thought I could beat it in time to do this week’s round of photo shoots over the weekend. 175 more words


Going on the Offensive When I Start Feeling Sick

I never remember how awesome it feels to be healthy until I get sick. What is the deal with getting sick in the summer anyway? I spend sufficient time outside and doing physical things. 671 more words


PhD day 6: My suffering ended with a word

I have been craving for lots of sugar lately and my mood swings like a mad woman.

This was my day at Phd day 6, in chronological order: 306 more words


The One Where I'm Sick And Complain About It

I’m sick. Today is Day 7 of the the saga. This wasn’t a puny summer cold; this has been full on Sick with a capital S. 890 more words


Life when you are sick. The bad, but also the good.

No one, as much as they try, can never fully understand what it’s like to be chronically ill, unless you are chronically ill. I don’t mean to make that sound negative because I have so many people ask really good questions so that they can understand. 736 more words


Being Sick During Peace Corps Training

I was very proud of myself for not getting sick for the first 7 weeks of Peace Corps training and I was almost starting to convince myself that I just might never get sick while here. 296 more words

Peace Corps Training

Taming of the Sick, Travelling Shrew

When I’m sick, all I want in the world (besides normal health) are two things:

  1. My own bed (or couch)
  2. My own blanket.

Except, when you’re travelling across the country for one of your best friend’s wedding, those two things are a little hard to come by. 995 more words