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And you will find rest for your souls.

My fingers and toes were ice, but my face was flushed and hot. Wrapped in a blanket, wearing several layers, including socks and slippers, I could not get warm. 194 more words

Gospel Reflections


A knot of pressure sat heavily behind his eyes, seeming to have migrated from lower in his sinuses. What more his throat felt as through he had been devouring handfuls of sand. 190 more words


Jenn DiDo on: Being Sick.

I’m on day 10 on being sick. I don’t know if it’s the Bubonic Plague or Ebola, but I have two words for you guys: It sucks. 334 more words

College Blog

A Bout de Souffle

Dear Alice,

     I’m going on a school trip tomorrow and I just got sick. My whole body is giving up. I guess I’ll just read The Little Prince tonight and sleep ten hours and then I’ll be just fine. 87 more words

Lettre Restante

The first inhale...

When you’ve nothing but

honey, soup and tea for days…

Resting and neti,

steams send maladies away

The sinus fog lifts

revealing night air 

refreshing, 6 more words

My Life

The Art of Taking a Sick Day

I have been battling a bad upper respiratory virus the past few weeks. I felt it coming on one Friday night, all scratchy throat and tired muscles. 930 more words