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Day 2: 30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge

For those of you keeping up with the 30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge here is my post from Day 1.

Day 2: How have these illnesses affected your life? 713 more words

Being Sick

Needing Your Purrs

Hi, Sweetheart,
Mommy is needing you this week. Yesterday I had a little medical screening procedure, and had to drink some icky stuff Sunday evening. I tried to sleep on the couch–remember whenever I was sick, I slept there? 256 more words


What I wore Wednesday

What I wore Wednesday is filled with sickness and pjs.

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Because I'm The Mom (and I don't feel good)

As parents we like to think we are invincible. Let me reword that, we would like our children to believe we are invincible.

Unfortunately we are not. 416 more words


Stupid Things Men Complain About-ad


Stupid Things Men Complain About-ad

Guys are always complaining about how much women complain. But obviously, they complain a lot, too! Check out this list to see how. 123 more words


Sick Day Number 2

I went up to see Brett again today, and once again I thought I would never get there. It was pouring down rain, the traffic was heavy, and I still did not feel well. 405 more words


back home with a cold

It has happened again and I don’t know why, I arrive home from Germany with a runny nose and tickle in my throat.

Well I did get caught out in a thunderstorm and got soaking wet, and yes I did pack summery clothes not knowing the temperatures where about to plummet so got stuck with no proper coat or shoes, and yes my baby niece did have a runny tiny nose. 136 more words