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I have always been fanatical about vocabulary. Describe me as grandiloquent, but I rather use “big words”. In everyday conversation, I use colloquial vocab; but I want to impress people. 117 more words

Why To Teach a Dog to Stay...

So you can force them to model for you.

She loves it. Don’t let her tell you otherwise.

Being Silly

Oh, Make Me Over...

I’m all I wanna be.

Super duper vanity post. But, as my life has slowed down to a normal pace, I have nothing on my hooks, sewing machine or in the oven. 603 more words

Being Silly

Finger Tips

I have you at my finger tips. To be technically. I have the world at these finger tips of mine. I can find out anything. I can go to Paris (on Google’s map). 178 more words

That Poncho Thing

Everything but the fringe is done! I couldn’t wait to show you guys, so forgive me! We’re having a dinner party tonight so it’s a quick and dirty post! 28 more words

Being Silly

It's Currently 30°

That’s okay, we don’t *do* cold weather. This blanket is just fine, thanks.

Being Silly