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Being Social

People like to live in or have a preference to be part of a community. Once upon a time, this could have been calling your friends’ houses to arrange a meet. 432 more words

Being Social

Week 11--faking it

Haven’t we all heard the term, ‘Fake it til’ you make it.’ I can fake it fine, but it seems I don’t make it. I can’t seem to trick my brain into being happy. 435 more words

Blue Butterflies

Playing Catch-Up

Hey everyone, hope you’re all well?!
I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post but I’ve got a good excuse.. Work! I’ve really been getting stuck into it and trying to do the best I can and it’s working. 169 more words

Q&A Part 3

Hi friends. I’ve got three more video replies for you today. Plus some sweet under-eye circles to prove how hard I’m working. Jannette, Jacinda, and Kaelan, these are for you. 413 more words


How To: Not Spend Too Much Money on a Night Out

Last night Shannon and I KILLED it at the bar… Without spending a buttload of money. Here’s the tricks:
-Take a set amount of money, we only took $20 each… 109 more words

Being Good

The pitfalls of being direct

Due to the peculiar arrangement of stars at the time of my birth and/or conception I’ve been bestowed with a way of behaving that gets on people’s nerves quite often – I’m direct as hell. 882 more words


Social?! o_O

Passing through portals,
Connecting to other mortals,
What is termed as normal,
Can at times turn brutal.

You might be at your nest,
Taking some rest, 58 more words

Lingering Thoughts