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My Name is Nikki, and I'm Socially Awkward

Last weekend, I went to the bridal shower of an old work friend where I knew that I was not going to really know anyone other than the bride. 459 more words

Being Social

Being Social

People like to live in or have a preference to be part of a community. Once upon a time, this could have been calling your friends’ houses to arrange a meet. 432 more words

Being Social

Week 11--faking it

Haven’t we all heard the term, ‘Fake it til’ you make it.’ I can fake it fine, but it seems I don’t make it. I can’t seem to trick my brain into being happy. 435 more words

Blue Butterflies

Playing Catch-Up

Hey everyone, hope you’re all well?!
I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post but I’ve got a good excuse.. Work! I’ve really been getting stuck into it and trying to do the best I can and it’s working. 169 more words

Q&A Part 3

Hi friends. I’ve got three more video replies for you today. Plus some sweet under-eye circles to prove how hard I’m working. Jannette, Jacinda, and Kaelan, these are for you. 413 more words


How To: Not Spend Too Much Money on a Night Out

Last night Shannon and I KILLED it at the bar… Without spending a buttload of money. Here’s the tricks:
-Take a set amount of money, we only took $20 each… 109 more words

Being Good

The pitfalls of being direct

Due to the peculiar arrangement of stars at the time of my birth and/or conception I’ve been bestowed with a way of behaving that gets on people’s nerves quite often – I’m direct as hell. 882 more words