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Stop it! You don't have to be strong all the time

(Taken from my book “Quantum Thoughts – Answers”)

Stop it! You don’t have to be strong all the time

“Just keep going”, “You have to be strong”, “Keep your head up”, “Don’t be afraid”, “Don’t worry, be happy” and many other expressions are said very lightly by everyone when the problem is on someone else’s shoulders. 396 more words


Letting Go 🌻

Letting go does not mean you are giving up. It simply means that you have tried all you can and it just never seems to move forward and in the midst of it all you become a standstill and fail to recognize who you really are and your surroundings begin to feel unfamiliar.You can’t focus on things that are getting nowhere. 102 more words

Nhcouture By Nikki

I'm Back

So I am back from my visit home.  If anybody moved away for a boyfriend and are having a tough time after an emotional break up, going home ( as long as you have supportive friends and family) can be a great way to recharge and refocus.  617 more words


My Conversation with God

Debb: I don’t know why people say I’m so strong — I feel anything but!

God: All warriors have weak points sometimes.


When all you can do is "cope"

I’m so blessed.  Honestly, I’m privileged enough to have gotten a new job which I’m starting with in February.  Then I found an apartment to share with a girl who I don’t know, but seems lovely.   347 more words

Thought Of The Day


This is by far one of my favorite quotes.  Basically, it says when something bad happens, you have 3 choices:

1. You can let it define you. 170 more words

Self Love

Learn to love yourself enough so that when someone enters your life that treats you negatively, you can stand up for yourself and have the strength to let them go. 56 more words