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Refreshing Myself Part 2 - I Deserve To Be Happy

Today is Saturday and I have decided to not focus on my car, because it is repaired and I have it back now. This weekend is my refreshing myself weekend. 288 more words

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Refreshing Myself - Part 1

It’s the weekend and I feel like I need to do something to regain my composure. Maybe you are like me and this past week alone included some things you didn’t plan for or expect. 665 more words

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Moving On in life...

Lot has been written on art of moving on. Everybody stresses on the fact how important it is to move on, how one should not look back and move forward in life always .Hordes of life coaches shouting from their individual roof tops about the importance, necessity and urgency to move on after you have experienced a set back in life with readers lapping up those sugar-coated articles sprinkled with feel good words like positive thoughts, rebound, bonding, winning over grief etc… 787 more words

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Striving For Excellence D14- Being Honest With Products and Services

Being fair and honest to others is actually known as the trait of showing integrity. This includes not deceiving people and being honest when asked for your opinion on a topic. 363 more words

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Striving For Excellence In Ministry D13 - Being A Responsible Person In Life

The word responsible means being the person who has caused something to happen. Of course this could be a good or a bad thing depending upon the circumstances. 363 more words

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Striving For Excellence D12 - Passion Affirmations

Many people hear the term “passion affirmations” and wonder what affirmations could possibly be, and why they should use them. Passion affirmations are statements that will activate your brain to focus on and attain the goals you set for yourself. 316 more words

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