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I remember being a freshman in high school.....

I remember being a freshman in high school when the thoughts started happening.

I was in PE class to be exact walking around the gym while my classmates did their own thing. 675 more words


Child molestation. Justice. Schiller.

Thirty years ago, Judy Johnson, a mother in Manhattan Beach, Calif., took her 2 1/2-year-old son, Matthew, to the pediatrician, fearing he had been sexually abused by his preschool teacher. 459 more words


Quick Thought: Being Strong

Just read Robin Lee’s article on redefining “being strong” and healing. 

Article: “Wow I Wish I Could Be as Strong as You”

She writes about how strength isn’t necessarily not crying or refrain from using emotions but to be authentic and handle what comes.  94 more words

Quick Thought


It’s ok to let others underestimate you…it doesn’t do you any harm…only allows for more enjoyment when you have to show them what your made of!! 7 more words


Haiku 017

Has anyone wondered

How much can a body take

How strong can one be?



Creative Writing

Life Struggles

Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today BE THANKFUL for the hard times, they can only make you STRONGER… 17 more words

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My "Neurotypical" Meltdown and Why I am grateful for Autism

My “Neurotypical” Meltdown and Why I am Grateful for Autism

(This week I was “tagged” in a Facebook “tagging challenge” to post three positive things every day on Facebook for a week. 830 more words

The Stressful Life Of ASD Parenting