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Impressions are always on everyone’s mind.

Or well I should say most people; however, I can pretty much guarantee when one is walking into a new place where one knows they will be introducing themselves for the first time, that their first impressions will guarantee be on their mind. 411 more words


Just Be!

Life is as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. It isn’t easy – hell no. Don’t confuse simplicity with ease, no sir. 122 more words


Greatest Gift!

Who else thinks this is the greatest gift you can give someone… your personal development?

I think there is a point in everyone’s life where they say they will take care of the other person. 51 more words

The personality

Somebody said: “You have your own personality – and that is good.”

I overheard this statement lately and started to really think about what does it mean. 812 more words


Human Archipelago

We are not meant to be an island, but an archipelago …

Connected to each other by crisscross of flows and frequent boat trips,

Birds raising young on all our shores… 70 more words


Walls Around The Soul.

We all have felt that moment, that moment when you feel like someone is getting into your safety zone. 1
Someone does not accept the way you are or they hurt you and make you build a wall. 191 more words


Allow Beauty To Flow Within

A beautiful life will bloom from a beautiful mind that is nurtured by beautiful thoughts. At any time you can allow beauty to flow within you. — Dodinsky