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Not Everyone's Cup of Tea

Over the past few months, my life has done a complete 180. In April, I was blindly let go from my job at the church that I loved the day after I gave my two week notice to my other job, I moved back home with my folks, was unemployed and had to draw unemployment, and then after a month of being back home I got a full time job in the psychology field. 375 more words



over the last few days i’ve been thinking a lot lately of who i am and who i hope to be. and if i’m being honest, how much i hopelessly admire those around me who live their life the way they truly believe it should be lived. 338 more words


"Be a first rate version of yourself..."

There is a new show on TLC called “Botched”.  It is about plastic surgery gone wrong.  The doctors fix those surgical nightmares.  Some of the people on the program were in physical and emotional pain.  282 more words

Living is... cliche

Most of the time , we try to “stray from tradition” just to prove that we are who we are. And in that process; we most of the time, end up losing ourselves. 162 more words

Families, Facebook and Finding Balance

Yesterday I was reading through my blogs, as I do every day, and one of them was this blog. I thought it had some very nice points about the poly community, some things that I related to and some I just thought were useful to think about. 729 more words


This is Your Life, Own It!

Life only comes around once, so do whatever makes you happy, and be with whoever makes you smile. — Unknown


A Small Step

A small step
in the midst of great difficulties
can be a miracle

The heroic efforts of a bumble bee
more impressive
than a charging rhino kicking up dust… 134 more words