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Empty Promises and Being an Ass

So from the title there are two topics that I’d like to write about. Firstly, empty promises. Let’s call this person ‘X’, the person who has given me too many empty promises for me to count (3 times and not counting). 783 more words

Other Thoughts

There is a vitality

The first time I heard this letter read aloud was in a Soundstrue podcast by Rick Jarrow that is no longer available. I hear these words, in his voice, echoing in my head regularly when I see a beloved struggling to let themselves out, to be seen. 190 more words


This is your soul speaking

Dear self,

I wish I could slap you in the face with all my might. Where do you think you are going with all of these shenanigans? 304 more words

Thoughts: Today

On Being:
A day today, you may say
Was not so good in a way
But going on, we must
Blown away further in dust. 82 more words


Learning to teach - Land of the Exiles

The two most beautiful women I know are Teachers. I use the upper case ‘T’ quite deliberately as they teach simply by Being who they are. 1,209 more words

Life, Love And Laughter

Finding your calm amongst the Chaos

Its important to be you, that phrase means more than you think. Just being you is easy, as being you is all you can be …. 279 more words


Have a place

“The earth says have a place, be what that place
requires; hear the sound the birds imply
and see as deep as ridges go behind… 14 more words