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Climbing the Ladder. Short Story.

John sat at his desk, around him he could hear the steady clack of typing and just ever so faintly, a radio playing classical music. He logged on and while waiting took a sip of coffee. 1,490 more words

Short Stories

What's real?

“If I don’t see that I’m strong, then I won’t be”

Robbie Williams – 1 Giant Leap

Healing And Consciousness

Nat Geo Wild's Radical Method To Science Television: Being Truthful

Science tv in America has had a rough few years. We’;ve been told that mermaids exist (they never) and that Megalodon lives (it doesn’;t). Investigative journalists have discovered that some wildlife shows mistreat animals. 18 more words

Women Ideas


One thing I’ve taken the time to be deliberate in savoring small moments. Like many people, it’s easy for me to get caught up in plans for the future and literally live months and even years in advance because I’m planning that far ahead. 271 more words


D. City

How did Stephen Colbert describe DC? As a s’more– with a white marshmallow center, an outer layer of chocolate, and a graham cracker crust of corruption? 346 more words

Beauty Beyond Bickering

Just about everyone has issues with their parents, don’t they? I know I’ve struggled with acceptance of my parents for who they are. I’ve felt the compulsion, in my adult years, to help them in some way, to change them, to make them see things in a different (better?) way that would serve them (and ultimately myself!) better. 440 more words


No More Babes, But Bastions Of Faith

Growing up in Faith, just as we grow up and mature in life, we should also grow up and mature in Faith. 1 Corinthians 3 verse 1: 368 more words

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