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Tenderness, by Robert Cormier

Robert Cormier never ceases to amaze me. His novels are always very thought-provoking and disturbing. . . especially considering they are written for adolescents. 239 more words


A Safe Place

Pen and paper musings led me down the path to my past this morning. My mind filled with memories of an insecure teenager at war with himself. 827 more words


The Persistence of Memory

This past Friday, I attended a gathering of my high school friends in NYC. They aren’t just “friends” in the literal sense. Our relationships go way deeper than that. 245 more words

Mysteries Of Life

Unwind the mind

This idea of unwinding the mind surfaced itself during a recent meditation and I realised that that is exactly how it feels for me on the level of sensation. 126 more words


Dog Life Lesson #8: Window Eyes

Eyes are the windows to the soul.  I can feel that truth every time Vinnie looks at me.  His eyes speak directly to my heart.  His eyes convey exactly how he feels.   86 more words


The Costume

The Costume

            When there is dialogue, or perception.  When he’s awake.  But what to name it?  How describe?  Perhaps even while sleeping.

The lag.

At checkout counter, clerk addresses: to absorption, numbness, mumble.  750 more words


No restrictions there

If you see the stars that shine
Then you look on the Divine
The never ending story
It’s in the Milky Way
It’s in the Void… 199 more words