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What is Surrender? - Osho

What is surrender? I used to think I knew. Now it is a mystery.

Prem Prabhat, the false knowledge de-mystifies existence; the true knowledge re-mystifies it. 4,422 more words


Art, Life and Happiness

At times a reblog says it best. The following image is from  one of my favorite web artists, Gavin Aung Than, known to most as Zen Pencils and it expresses an idea that doesn’t quite exist anymore – the simple satisfaction with life and what you’re doing. 139 more words


to be golden

i want more for me and for my life. i want a magical life, a life full of whimsy. i want to glow. i want to shine golden. 525 more words


A birthday poem

Ray wrote this poem. Or as he would say he “rot this pome”. I don’t know when it was ‘rot’ but he posted it on my facebook page for my birthday, so I’m claiming it as mine. 146 more words


Know Everything There

Is To Be Known

Think about this . . .

Sometimes, if you stand on the bottom rail

of a bridge and lean over to watch the river… 519 more words