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Lebanon Hijacks Ice Bucket Challenge

A few days back, Palestine had its own take on the Ice Bucket Challenge to bring awareness to Israel’s occupation of the country. We decided to go with a lighthearted approach to shed the light on Lebanon’s own water issues. 8 more words


Return of the Blogger

I disappeared. I turned off my laptop and I just vanished. My last blog post was over a month ago, and there’s a very good reason for that. 798 more words

A Beiruti breakfast treat

Hello Lovelies!

I hope that you are all just fine and dandy today. 

On a recent trip to Beirut we went to eat a breakfast treat of Kunafah and Sfiha Baalbakiyeh at Ahmad Aouni Hallab & Sons bakery, this small but incredibly busy bakery has been making delicious treats since 1881!  471 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

A few photos from my archives for my contribution to this week’s photo challenge – Silhouettes :) 8 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

The first outfit: “L’Africana À La Stephanie”

I named it “L’Africana” because of the tissue that I used. Having lived in Africa for quite some time, I have been fascinated by their traditional printed outfits. 232 more words

Lebanese Anchor

Ben 10 Alien Force

 Beirut bicycle. It is a Cartoon Network show.


Two weeks later...

I was talking about refugees, this article helps to understand why the issue is so important in Lebanon… Imagine the difficulties for a country of 4.4 million inhabitants to absorb millions of Syrian refugees…  59 more words