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Rebuilding What I Tore Down by Christina Knowles

This is a strange Easter for me. I became a Christian eight years ago after converting from Wicca. I loved Easter, or Resurrection Day, if you prefer. 817 more words

Pondering The Universe

Beliefs of a few Nobel prize winners

The following are quotes from 4 Nobel prize winners.  As a physicist, working in the time and frequency community, I have personally met Bill Phillips. He is American physicist and a Christian (Methodist). 114 more words


God Exists!

I have felt the wind blow,
Whispering your name
I have seen your tears fall,
When I watch the rain.

How could I say there is no God? 342 more words


The Power of Godly Men

I would guess she was about 9 years old.  A sweet young girl… adorable… determined.  She was sitting with her Aunt it appeared – a close female relative but not her Mama.  689 more words

To be good, or not to be good...

In the last entry in our series on the existence of God, we discussed the argument from morality – the argument that the presence of a moral law points to the existence of a moral law-giver. 521 more words


Thought for the Day

Thought for the Day March 8

Second, alcoholics recover their faith in a Power greater than themselves. They admit that they’re helpless by themselves and they call on that Higher Power for help. 186 more words


To Be, or Not To Be, Religious.

Last week I read an article entitled, “Why I’m Raising my Kids without Religion,” written by a gentleman named Serge Bielanko.  The author raised several objections to organized religion and concluded with the strong recommendation that all children should be raised without religion or belief in God.    3,249 more words