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“Only when you really believe in the power of your dreams,

can your dreams really believe in the power of you”

Kwan Yin

Belief Systems

July 22, 2014


(Number 569)

My best advice is to not add vice.


The American Mindset

Closing the Door to Karma

Every one of us go through tough times and we wonder where did we go wrong, why has this tough moment appeared in our life at this time? 489 more words

July 21, 2014


(Number 568)

A conservative is a liberal who just found out his son is gay. A liberal is a conservative who just found out his son is gay.

The American Mindset

Do the Cha-Cha!

Dear Human,

I did it! I finally found the REAL definition of an optimist!

I can now highly recommend that we all master the Cha-Cha 💃.



A Thoughtful Exercise

Working with and on your thoughts and belief systems is the easiest and at the same time hardest exercise in self-empowerment you can embark on. 65 more words


About Belief Systems

In the previous post I alluded to the reason why I am interested in belief systems. When I lost my religious faith during high school and gained curiosity, I wanted nothing to do with religion—perhaps because I felt betrayed by what I had believed in so strongly for the majority of my (albeit short) life. 302 more words

Belief Systems