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Pandemonium in our thoughts and a trial of Faith

“Beautiful things emerge from chaos, from the clutter of experience. You could embrace this confusion – knowing that you are pregnant with new moments, with nameless ‘things’ struggling to express themselves”. 522 more words


Converse, Polarization, and Conservatism

Converse and his enemies

In his article “The nature of belief systems in mass publics”, Philip E. Converse paints a dismal picture of the American citizenry. 1,265 more words

Mixing Metaphors

I’ve got my first cup of the morning, and I’m ready to mix my metaphors.

These days, I’m noticing how beliefs are things; mental things. I notice how thoughtforms float around in my mind like mental asteroids, and through accretion they form belief systems. 177 more words


Leadership Minute: Build Bridges

I have no shortage of strong opinions, but I have tried all my life to be a bridge builder. – Bill Hybels

Bridge building is such an important leadership skill to develop. 166 more words

Nothing is Beyond Question

“It is a mistake to consider any belief more liberated than another. It is the possibility of change which is important. Every new form of liberation is destined to eventually become another form of enslavement for most of its adherents. 259 more words


The Return of Androgynous Spirituality

Is “androgynous spirituality” or the merging of the masculine and the feminine, which we once saw as the highest forms of spirituality emerging from ancient spiritually advanced civilisations, such as Mesopotamia and Egypt, making a comeback in human consciousness and soul evolution? 41 more words

Belief Systems

EDUCATION & RELIGION: Aren't we forgetting something???


Basing this blog solely on the article (below) regarding the exposure of a
Satanic cult to Florida schools:

If we were as worried about children’s true education: teaching them to WRITE before they graduate (if) … mathematics …history…the arts & music…social skills…real SHOP (bringing back mfg) and HOME EC (Sewing and cooking)…..as we “worry” about this religious bullshit, maybe our kids would have a chance at sustaining and contributing to this and future generations.

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