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Of the idiocy of turning algorithms into law

Lambert is writing at Naked Capitalism about Algorithmic Regulation, “Code is Law,” and the Case of Ferguson. It’s a good deconstruction and should definitely be read but I had my facepalm-moment at the start of the piece when he quotes Tim O’Reilly: 303 more words

Belief Systems


You drive me to answer in anger, you catch me unawares at times, but through knowledge i am aware of you,

I choose now to deny you access to my thoughts because when I do my soul and heartfelt response is over-ridden. 232 more words

Strategic Intervention

Life Is Benevolent

Why forgive? This is the powerful question of the mind. We live in the world but we, each and every one of us, create our own world inside our minds. 372 more words
Belief Systems

Let's Get Real

There is, indeed, a wonderful spiritual movement happening all around the world. But, what does it mean to be spiritual? And how often do we hear so-called… 935 more words

Manifesting with Lesley Adams - My Interview with Dr. Walter Sims

My interview with Dr. Walter Sims on Blog Talk Radio where I speak on “Manifesting With Lesley Adams”


Here is an audio clip of my contribution to The Power of Mentorship Anthology, “Manifesting Freedom” 26 more words

A Heap of Pictures

I don’t know about you, but these days, reality out there appears more and more surreal to me.

Sometimes, when the curtains are drawn and candles are casting a warm glow over our huge gathering table, reality shifts. 697 more words