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Getting Wired: A Place For You

This past Sunday’s message “A Place For You” was the third of a four part messages series & our message for an event called #6PackSunday… 636 more words


When conviction is a factor in decision-making, does it make the path a right one?

A Belief: an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists; a firmly held opinion or conviction (Trust, Faith, Reliance, Idea) – A Conviction: a firmly held belief or opinion (Thought, View, Certitude). 611 more words


Power of Redemption

Psalm 111:9
He sent redemption to his people; he has commanded his covenant forever. Holy and awesome is his name!

No matter how challenging our life is or how bad circumstances are in the present, God has a redemptive plan for you! 139 more words



Value what you have and you will receive more..


I Shall Not Want

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. (Psalm 23:1 NASB)

Great verse to meditate on this morning. Sometimes we need to simply declare truth to ourselves.

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Daily Devotions Comments


Lots of people inspire me. Lately I’ve been enjoying Sarah Wilson’s take on decluttering life. I’m not saying I have done much about this…



Has anyone ever imagined a life with superpowers? If not, I congratulate you on having such an exciting life not to worry about things life this, but for those that have, have you ever truly believed you had this power? 361 more words