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On Faith...Sort Of

I have written on the topics of religion and faith to some extent in the past, or more accurately I have written about my own personal experience concerning religion and faith which I still struggle with. 633 more words


Fairytale Reality

Fairytale Reality

if wishes were given
I’d wish your hand in mine
happy in time

but life isn’t a fairytale
with princes and all
more like armored up… 57 more words




The back story behind surviving the growing pains.

When I first started to exercise, within approximately thirty-six hours after the first few sessions my body would be in tremendous pain. 851 more words

Life Lessons

Starting with the Triumphal entry {Palm Sunday}                John 12.

Jesus’ enemies grow stronger {Jesus clears the temple}   Mark 11.

Enemies outside {Religious leader determined to get Jesus} Mark 12. 210 more words

OFJ -Old Fellow Johns Posts

Human Systems

Humans are complex systems that generate even more complex systems during interaction. For generations, we have been trying to understand how to predict future behavior and maximize our own efforts to buffer against any nascent uncertainty. 733 more words


Has this ever happened to you? I know it has happened to me and I’m always amazed (although I shouldn’t be because I know that everything works out as it is supposed to.) … 87 more words

Dare to dream..

You need to believe in yourself to reach your goal.
If you think you can be tough enough that people will not be able to knock you over you’re wrong, the world will push u down so hard but it’s those who stand up again who really deserve to reach the dream..The world only fights against those who are good, those who are good get through battles and that is why they are great. 129 more words