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32/365: Believe

32/365: Believe — Believing in something is required in life. We all need to believe in something. The biggest belief you should have is in yourself. 14 more words


Is it Luck?

In thinking about prosperity, I think luck plays a part in why people think some people have prosperity and some people do not. When you ask people why they think certain individuals are prosperous, the response generally seems to be “they are just lucky.” Is it possible that some people truly are “just lucky” or could it be that they are positive enough to bring prosperity into their lives. 539 more words


Faith to Pray for Faith

More and more, the Christian climate in America is shifting. While many communities are thriving in their faith, countless individuals are silently walking away from the church. 950 more words


A Bumpy Ride

Life is precious,
Cherish time graciously given,
Live without regret,
Forgive and forget,
Move on, love and live,
Give life a chance,
Dance through tribulations… 22 more words

CREED: God the Father

1. What is your favorite local restaurant?

2. From the music, sermon or service what truths or characteristics about God did you notice? What challenged, encouraged, or inspired you? 161 more words

Dilemma to Belief

One of the hardest decisions we will ever face in Life
Is in choosing whether to walk away or try harder.
We should Remember to Listen to our inner voice, that Quiet Wisdom of Golden truth, which will never lead us astray. 78 more words

Life Fact