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Teach Like a Champion

ten months ago, dead:
my heart, when you told me that
(teaching is in me)

but you couldn’t teach
you could only criticize
i’m phoenix rising… 84 more words


I'm Pretty Sure I'm a Whore.... And it bothers me a Little!!!!

So in between watching desperate “women” fall in love with a man who I’m confident is gay on the Bachelor Canada and Naked Dating, I  192 more words


Women HATE Indecisiveness.....STEP YOUR GAME UP!!!!!

I can’t believe men still don’t understand this concept. I just got off the phone with a friend of mine who I calmly talked off the ledge (NOT LITERALLY) because the girl he met last week hasn’t picked a date and time to go out yet. 120 more words

Personalities are works of art

constantly fluctuating and changing. Like art the emotion behind the piece is what attracts affection and attention. Like art the details make the difference. Just like art you can appreciate beauty without it appealing to your personal taste. 49 more words