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30 Beliefs Happy People Live By

1. People ultimately all want the same things: to feel needed, loved and appreciated.

2. Everything we want in life is driven by the feeling it stirs inside us. 566 more words

Chemicalization--Ever Hear of It?

No, this is not a term used in high school chemistry.  Chemicalization is a metaphysical term.  Unity Church co-founder Charles Fillmore calls it “a condition of the mind that is brought about by the conflict that takes place when a high spiritual condition contacts an old error state of consciousness,” 1,072 more words

Aww Ships!

FriendSHIPS, RelationSHIPS & PartnerSHIPS.

Everyone has these types of ships. I love these ships. If I didn’t have these ships I wouldn’t be the person I am today. 319 more words


The simple story that made a difference

I work with a lot of people who are trying to find their groove as an entrepreneur. They are often people new to running a business, managing others, and even themselves. 462 more words

Home Business Start Up...Self Limiting Beliefs

When we confront obstacles they won’t become a permanent barrier, but merely some detail that needs to be solved


Decision (via http://paladincoaching.com)

You have a clean slate every day you wake up. You have a chance every single morning to make that change and be the person you want to be. 26 more words

Business Coach


So, I went to my first one on one meeting with a caretaker support person. She’s a nun. I knew that when I went in, so I don’t know why I was surprised when it turned a bit (and this is an understatement) preachy. 948 more words

Taking Care Of Oneself