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What??!! No Easter Bunny??!! . . . Katie McKinney Fox

In France there is no Easter Bunny.  That’s right, folks. You heard it right here.  Are you impressed with my trivial knowledge?  Well, remember, I AM a French teacher.  615 more words

Educating Alex


aesthetics that make others feel comfortable.

socially accepted.

mould yourself. fit into the expectations.

replace your face, wear your mask. don’t make it permanent though. 127 more words

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday
April 20, 2014

Identity – Who are We?

Celebrate! It is Easter Sunday! Lent is over! If you are reading this, chances are you made it through Lent 2014 alive! 476 more words

Celebrating Easter

When I was a kid growing up Catholic we had head-to-toe new clothes for church on Easter Sunday: pastel dresses, white socks and black patent leather shoes, a straw hat with a wide brim and uncomfortable elastic band under the chin, and a pink topper. 354 more words

Contemporary Culture

Holiday Almanac: Easter dawns with resurrection hope

Christians celebrate today as Easter, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter, the greatest holiday of the Christian year, ratifies for believers the claim of Jesus to be the Son of God. 226 more words

What IF...really?

I saw this picture on a post from an old friends Facebook page. It wasn’t his, but he was talking about how crazy things are today. 1,505 more words

Easter, Ostara, Oh Lawd let me eat in peace!

You Call It Easter, We Call It Ostara From Witchvox

Easter eggs, bunnies, Peeps: Easter traditions explained From USA TODAY

So Mr. Kat and I rushed over to his parents house for a birthday dinner for the boyfriend of one of his many sisters. 565 more words