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Day 46

Life is destined to be lived in love and with love. Anything less than that takes away the wonder of sight, the brilliance of touch, the delightfulness of sound, the delicacy of smell and the consciousness of feeling. 115 more words


six claps for the game
they are eyeing their marbles
competition wins

with rhythm lost boy
wins the best second school day
i will win him back… 67 more words



Despite the fact that the term “conspiracy theory” has been weaponized by the establishment as a perjorative slur against anyone who questions the official narrative of any government pronouncement, there are innumerable examples throughout history of conspiracies that were proven to be true. 1,529 more words


We All Need More Wonder & Awe - Reprise

To the dear readers of this blog; it’s time for a change. To meet my need to write for other platforms, get to a long delayed book project and diversify my life and work – I have decided to limit my original articles to twice monthly. 1,397 more words

Emotional Intelligence

Look to Our Skylines

In class my professor presented us with a very interesting and thought provoking queries:

In medieval times what was the tallest building in a city or town? 276 more words


First Post

Hey it’s me!

I have come to the decision that turning 16 ought to bring a responsibility. I’m too young to drive, too young to drink. 188 more words


I am truly astounded- The works of the World

The reactions to the start of my blog has astounded and spurred me on to progress.

So today I studied more of Machiavelli and I could see how truly his pure brashness and thought provoking authority which could only be compared before to Sun Tzu! 150 more words