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It's Flat

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How’s your level of understanding?  Do you comprehend as quickly or as easily as you did in your youthful days?  I met retirement with the desire to not become stale. 687 more words

The Untouched Power of the Mind/Brain

I find it incredible that many of us remain ignorant of the power of the mind when there is so much evidence that supports it vastness. 306 more words


Now He's a Happy Pappy


Go back and sing that title if you grew up with the Flintstones. And if you didn’t…go to http://www.youtube.com and listen to rockenschpeel ( … 412 more words


Introduction and Beliefs

My name is Kristy Eklund and I have worked in libraries for 17 years, first as a student worker at Rochester College, then as the full-time Technical Services Manager there. 202 more words


What Are We Teaching the Next Generation?

Lately I have been watching a lot of Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Z was my favorite show as a child, and it was on pretty much every channel. 733 more words

5 keys to identify your soul mate

You’ve probably read the title of my post and thinking “Angela? For real? Soul mates? That’s abit Disney don’t you think?” Soul mates are biblical and well, the bible is the truth (for those who perceive it as rather than just words in a book) 2,224 more words