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This past weekend I ran my first marathon, a huge emotional and physical accomplishment for me in light of everything that has happened recently. With a ceremonial symbolic purge of some of TD’s clothes at the start line, and 26.2 long miles with my own thoughts, it was an incredibly therapeutic and renewing day. 272 more words

NEW ARTICLE: The Aura, Aura Analysis and Energy Healing

New Article at http://rebeccaelizabethanne.com

The Aura, Aura Analysis and Energy Healing

“We are often completely unaware of just how much emotional energy and pain (or, thoughts and beliefs) we hold onto in our day to day lives.

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Yes, I am a Feminist

No, I’m not Argo, I shave regularly, and wear a bra most days.

I’ve never participated in the free bleed movement, and don’t really ever want to. 178 more words

Living Life

What's New, Pussy Cat?

For the last… week… My kids and I have been staying over at Sly’s house. It started with the bombing of our own house, trying to get rid of the pests; they were falling from the ceiling and all over the house, and I just didn’t want to deal with pests on my face. 903 more words



Can sin be cultural?

Take polygamy…

On Sundays my youth group has been going through the Old Testament and one of the most common questions is why it was ok for guys like Jacob or Solomon to have multiple wives? 1,194 more words


Temple Garments

For anyone curious about this, watch the video – I’m so Glad this video was put together for everyone (even member of the church) to understand what we consider special about our Temple garments.  9 more words


So long, and thanks for all the fish.


It’s been a hot minute since I have posted here. Oops.

How many times have you heard me say that?

Only about 10 billion. 893 more words