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Why do we have a need to enhance our self-image?

It is commonplace in our culture that we try to improve our self-image in many different ways. Many people attempt to enhance their self-esteem by positive thinking, different types of therapies, or being nice and follow social norms to fit in, in order to get approval by others. 446 more words


Personality and Beliefs Check

  Pink or blue? Soda or coffee? Spanish or English? Gothic lolita or Sweet lolita? There are many questions you can ask that’ll reveal more about your personality- and not all of it has to be about animals, colors, or likes. 344 more words


Dreams of the Future

When I say my dreams come true, by no means do I claim myself a prophet.

Nooo sir.

This happens randomly, and it’s generally a warning, or a sign to tell me I am in sync with my life’s plan. 1,336 more words


falling in love in stops and starts

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to fall in love. Everyone talks of it as if it is this big dramatic pull the curtain back moment that only happens once with a certain person, but I don’t believe it is like that at all. 383 more words


Something about World Mission Society Church of God

Wanted to Share What I Believe in.. (WMSCOG)

Nothing was special in my life. Until I found my Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother.

I grew up in a decent family, with a decent house, and everything was treating me alright. 434 more words


The Universe, In My Eyes

These are not facts. These are a collection of my ideas that I have gathered throughout my strange life. Please, never forget to ALWAYS decide for yourself. 475 more words