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"Light this and pray."

It was just yesterday that I got my hands on The Christmas Candle. Not an actual candle, but the movie from Max Lucado. I’d never heard of the movie or the book but I saw the words “Christmas” and “candle” and since I am a fan of both I was intrigued. 540 more words


Count Your Many Blessings

I love music.  Music has a way of conveying to the soul what words alone cannot.  And it has a habit of sticking with you, as a part of you, wherever you go. 690 more words



the perfect
never appealed to me
it’s what i’ve grown
to be an atheist about

neither does it exist for me
nor would its existence… 213 more words


Open letter to the parents of Michael Brown

I don’t even know where to being.

I can’t pretend to fully understand your loss and pain. Being a forty-two year old white male in America, I haven’t experienced the harsh realities of society in the ways you have endured. 583 more words


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Such great sentiment and it is alway sad when there is any loss, be it of life, possessions, livelihood, and more, for there will always be others left behind who suffer.

He's Winning Me Over

Soappary is an atheist, and one who is is passionate about his atheism to a extreme. He fervently believes no god exists, and will refute any claim that a god created him, or that a god rules him. 477 more words

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Beliefs - A VERY touchy subject

Belief systems are in human nature. We are intelligent human beings and can grasp concepts, respond well, and have idols. I will not mention my beliefs, so I can neither confirm nor decline if I am atheist or theist. 245 more words

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Take Time to Reflect and be Thankful for Your Life

       It was early on the morning of July 29, 2009, and I was standing on the East Coast Shore of Kwajalein Island looking at the vast expanse of the South Pacific Ocean. 988 more words