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After writing a very important letter that was very dear to my heart, yet incredibly difficult to get through, I decided to publicize a couple of the messages I included in it.  366 more words


Balancing Act

Every day, Christians are called to be citizens of heaven rather than of earth. We may live in the United States or Russia or South Africa or China, but we are in this world and not of it. 388 more words


"Ms. Information"

If you do not understand or appreciate the scientific method, I suggest starting with Cosmos, an accessible overview of some cool ideas about our universe based on science (and some great graphics and visualizations).   381 more words


Sometimes we have to play defense

When God gave me this thought, I got excited about it! It’s what every  believer needs to hear. Be ready to defend what you believe! How many of us shy away from those kinds of conversations feeling that they are all confrontations. 300 more words



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Business Coach

Film Review

Title: God’s Not Dead

Director: Harold Cronk

Lead actors: Shane Harper, Kevin Sorbo, David A.R. White, Willie Robertson, Korie Robertson, Marco Khan.

Genre: Drama

Setting: Baton Rouge, Louisiana… 127 more words

I can't believe you believe that... or that you don't believe that other thing... that is sort of hard to believe too...

Let’s talk about beliefs… and whatever the opposite of believing is… because believing… or not believing in things… seems to be central to the core of what makes us human. 801 more words


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