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Yeah . . . but what do you really want?

This spunky little duckling knows exactly what she wants.  How about you?

What fresh energy do you want most passionately to call into your life? 221 more words


Overcoming a painful upbringing

People so easily give themselves a hard time for being human. They single themselves out as if they are the only ones in the world who make mistakes.This fills us up with shame, and guilt from a very early age and causes lots of challenges for us as we grow older. 708 more words

Two Hands and a Flashlight

Beckie laments her confusions in Christian Dating

I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to Christian dating.  Don’t get me wrong, I date.   1,553 more words


Wasting Time

We Have a habit of trying to work more efficiently, and we associate this with working fast, but we need to rethink this. If we realize that doing our work with mindfulness actually requires no more time than doing it unmindfully, a lot of our stress disappears. 232 more words


176 time to Fight

The Yellow warrior 7 brings the balance into our lives to fight for our beliefs and existence. However its the warrior of light / where you don’t have to kill anybody or press your beliefs on anybody except yourself. 233 more words



Maybe It Is So Good We Can’t Understand It

Reality may not be structured in any way the human mind can objectively discern. Quantum Physics… 381 more words


Louisiana Creates Database of Citizens Who Represent “A Risk to the State”

Authorities in Louisiana are compiling a database of information on every citizen in order to identify people who are “a risk to the state,” as well as pinpointing future criminals in an effort to allow the state to “intervene in that person’s life”. 317 more words