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What to believe in...

As children our families raise us to believe in this or believe in that, some people are completely contempt with such but, others question their believes. 156 more words



I honestly don’t know shit about sex. I’m still a virgin and I’m going to rant about sex.


This post is going nowhere…..
Womp womp… 223 more words

Obama and Mormons

I am in no way a political wiz. I should probably be more involved in what is going on in the world, but for me it has become to contentious of a subject. 562 more words

Mainstream Mormon

"She said 'God'"

I did. In an interview. For a position at a public institution.

It surprised me, quite frankly. They asked if I could work with people whose values are different than mine. 358 more words


Happy Eid-ul Fitr

May there be peace and may love reign in the world despite our different religious, cultural, political……

#bringbackourgirls #PrayforNigeria #Prayfortheworld


On The Alleged Undesirability of Inconsistency

Inconsistency in our beliefs–and thus actions–is often held to be not just a cognitive failure, a breakdown of rationality, but also a moral failure of sorts. 490 more words


Serious Contemplations

Conflict always exists.

Like it or not, there will be someone or something that irks you, catapults you into a frenzy, or becomes a bur under your saddle. 238 more words