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Not everyone wants to go to Heaven

With the recent passing of my Gran I’ve spent more time than usual thinking about and talking about death. Yesterday afternoon whilst I was working I had a conversation with a customer about the subject. 416 more words

Today is the Best You

When you get older it’s easy to give up because you fail exponentially way more than you succeed and you miss way more opportunities than you recognize.   229 more words



If you are not aware that this is indeed your personality type then you can spend decades not your whole life) trying to change some of the more difficult aspects of being Highly Sensitive Empath. 575 more words


What do you believe in?

“The older I get, the more deeply I believe, but the fewer beliefs I have.”  (John Shelby Spong)

For me, this little quote that I spotted on the Jack’s Winning Words blog was meaningful. 1,209 more words


What is the point of the Gospel?

Leviticus has a lot of laws about sex. Laws about what to do if you have sex, when not to have sex, and who not to have sex with. 968 more words

Water Downed To Nothing

After a day of delving into definitions I released two of the worst ones that had been perpetuated upon me as an entity. The first one is I am not whole. 219 more words

Manifest change

A couple of months ago I blogged about the change that follows a crumbling of the existing status. Following on from massive changes in my work set up, I did not know what was in store for myself. 103 more words