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I, long ago, believed in fairy tales

True love exists where forever holds true

Anyone who loves truly is to be blessed

and be given with someone who truly loves them too. 150 more words


Bird By Bird Part 1

When I read this quote, I am amazed at the simplicity of the idea. It seems to be common knowledge that we must take life ‘step by step’, but it is all the more common to have days where life just seems to be too much to handle. 339 more words



When you’re a child

you expect that everything you need

will be provided,

which proves to be mostly true.

When you’re young – in love, 94 more words


Witchy Words: Esbat Goals Worksheet

Witchy Words: Esbat Goals Worksheet.

via Witchy Words: Esbat Goals Worksheet.

I really like this concept – a worksheet to do for the Esbats about what you want to accomplish. 65 more words

Lifeful Life

let me think about this

The daily prompt asks us to figure out when we came face to face with our mortality and how we reacted to that.  I have a friend who answered one of those “Tell us 15 things we don’t know about you” quizzes with “Every once in a while I realize I’m going to die and that thought makes me very angry.”  I remember thinking, “Wow, I really didn’t know that about him because he’s really such a laid back guy about pretty much everything.”  But the thought that he’s one day going to die seriously enraged him. 515 more words

Daily Stuffs

Remembering Infinity: Transcending Limits

Note:  I usually try to limit my posts to one or two per week, but something is urging me to put this one out a bit ahead of time…so here it is anyway! 689 more words


The Daily Post: Finite Creatures

“At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery?”

I’ll admit I don’t normally do most of these prompts. 353 more words