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I choose to believe that there is a God.
A God who cares for me despite my iniquities and transgressions.
A God who loves me in times when I could not even love myself. 120 more words



In the Gospel according to John, Mary goes to visit Jesus’s tomb before the sun rises on Sunday, only to find the stone rolled away.  She finds Peter and John.   1,493 more words

Easter Sunday Meditation

“Just when I thought I was lost: my dungeon shook and the chains fell off.” – Common Prayer (Easter Sunday)

Today is it! Today is the reason we hope! 551 more words


April 20, 2014

My Project365 challenge for today was “BELIEVE.”  I knew exactly where my journey would take me but was unsure just when I would find time to do so.   104 more words

Sorted, Scared

Sorted, scared
Wondering just what happened.

Foggy, blurred
Can’t conceive what I heard.

Mastering, believing
Seeing there is a way.

Still, can’t function
Can’t believe this day.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson 2014



It’s Easter Sunday & 4/20. Reason enough to believe in perfect coincidences and end of semester miracles? Maybe so.

I’m giving it up to the universe, Nike goddess of Victory, and Gregory Peck- I love you please watch over me. 58 more words