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Great is as Great Does

Today be impatient. Don’t wait for life to happen to you-go out and MAKE
it happen. We are the sum of our thoughts and actions. When we learn to… 83 more words

Conversations, Great Friends and Who I am

After conversations with friends about love, life, friendships and everything in between, I’ve decided:

  • If I believe that it’s the right thing to do, then it’s worth taking a chance. 
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More? No, not really..

I grew up believing that God was a hard taskmaster. And I didn’t really have a problem with that. One day I was going to change my lifestyle anyway. 614 more words


A WORD TO MY STEPFATHER or love conquers everything

I feel it is time for another post.
It is maybe the 20th time I am starting a new post, but I am always procrastinating, another coffee, another cigarette ect and then there is no time for it anymore. 1,187 more words

Life is Not a Gamble

Is life a gamble?

Is a frequent question asked by the hoi polloi, more often than not. We can put on a face from 10-7, but there comes a moment in our day to day lives where you zone out and you ask yourself whether you’re playing a blind, or if this is what you want. 561 more words


Light swaying on the river

Every morning,
and the ripples on the river seemingly drops. You dream half yourself, to left things remain calm over silence. And you ask the whims of your mind, yet, all seems disuading. 94 more words

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