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Walk a Mile in My Shoes sings Elvis Presley (words & music by Joe South)

If I could be you, if you could be me for just one hour, if we could find a way to get inside each other’s mind, if you could see you through my eyes I believe you’d be surprised to see that you’ve been blind… 74 more words


standing up

i am beautiful in and out, no matter how hard they try to put me down. i can stand up for my self and look fear in the eye trying to defend my self, fend everything that is bad out of my life, you make me stronger then i am, love can do. 16 more words


hard turns

when time is hard do you turn around and go back the way you came or fight for what you belaive in, fight for the right reason, and freedom in life. 66 more words


New Book!

Hey everyone i just released my very first ebook! Please take the time to go purchase & read it. Its a moving piece about a young girl struggling libing double lives. 25 more words


i DO bELiEVe...

I may not understand the bible you see
Yes it may seem so difficult to me
With all the thou(s) and thee(s) KJV please
The message seems to elude me… 354 more words


Do You Push Yourself?

Lizzie Velasquez saw a Youtube video of herself ‘The worlds ugliest woman’. It had 4 millions hits, 8 seconds long and people made comments like: ‘Do yourself a favor put a gun to your head and kill your self’. 850 more words