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Yoga Reflections

So I was practicing some Yoga today and a thought came to mind. Or a reflection one may also say. There is this simple balance exercise in which one stands on one foot and tries to maintain perfect balance nevertheless. 295 more words


COTD 24.10.14: Who's a pretty boy then...

Today’s COTD is the Son of Wands
A handsome face can charm the birds from the trees and the money from your pocket.  Someone may not be all that they seem, smooth talking, fast acting, with their own agenda to fill. 32 more words

My favorite kind of people

Those who talk about what they love. Those who speak with passion in their eyes. Those who are not afraid of showing their naked soul. Those who are brave enough to follow their heart. 50 more words

I believe in the world right in front of me.

I believe in the world right in front of me.
These were the first words of the last song I heard.
And do I believe? 60 more words


Meka Manifest

Once upon a time, I was thrown from the classroom onto the stage. I had no idea where my life was taking me, but I was along for the ride. 612 more words


I overheard some of my classmates talking about The Bible, Qoran, and being religious. They did not include me in the discussion. So, I have no chance to say what I stand for. But for short, here is:


She Can

She’s out there

Dreaming somewhere

She wants to tell to the world that…she can.

She is out there

So beautiful

She is mine

She brings joy and she brings life… 178 more words