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I am who I am. Take me as I am.

I’m back home for Thanksgiving. I thought that family would help with easing the depression, but I felt myself going back to that stage even quicker. 718 more words

Believing In ME

I’ve cancelled my Slimming World membership. I don’t really need to pay someone that amount of money just so I can record my weight each week. 217 more words

Self Help

What you believe is the most important factor in raising happy, healthy children?

Today’s world is very interesting in regard to what we find makes a successful human. We judge our success by material possessions, which is understandable in a world based on Newtonian physics that says “matter is primary.” And we measure how successful we are by how many toys we end up having, how much we own — this gives us our status in a hierarchy. 278 more words

Who Is God?

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The question “Who is God?” is a good question. It is better than asking “What is God?” This is because God exists, created us, loves us, is concerned for our being, desires to provide for us, and sent the Son to redeem us. 605 more words


LISTEN: Heaven: How You Can Get There

On this Gospel Light Minute broadcast, Daniel Whyte III will show you how you can be sure you will be in Heaven (Paradise) with God after your life on earth. 13 more words