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Imagine Money In Your Life, In Your Dreams, Just Imagine!

Imagination is a very strong motivator in your life!  If you can imagine your dreams, you can accomplish your dreams.

So, begin now to imagine one dream that you would like to see become part of your life.   136 more words


Where Do I Write?

I have a few time-consuming hobbies that allow my mind to do approximately anything. These hobbies are almost meditative; I don’t focus on what my thoughts are, I just allow that to turn up out of nowhere and run their course. 520 more words


What do you want from life?

If you continue to hold on to negative thoughts, all your action will be negative.
Whatever you want to receive out of life starts with a thought. 250 more words

Get Fired Up!

This is for those of you who feel like you have fought the good fight, you have kept the faith but you’re not happy. Life is not over, and you’re not finished yet! 61 more words


Follow your beautiful heart, the words read. Why would you write that? Wish I could see that heart too. The man I admire the most. Would never lie. 30 more words

Dear Statistics

I love you. You make my days of post surgical recovery a little bit better. It’s nice to have you around. Your colorful charts tell me all about my audience, and it makes me happy. 37 more words



Unlimited is the lies of the world,filled with close minded fools . Those who believe only what they can see.
As if their other senses are just there for basic needs. 119 more words