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Faith a Verb?

What I love so much about God is He wrote His laws on our hearts!  Now if you are processing with the thinking of a fallen Adam you hear “rules on our hearts.”  The truth is He wrote His nature on our hearts not His rules (like the laws of nature).  1,556 more words


We the people

Drink poison to numb the pain.
As long as its truth there is no shame.
Define yourself but don’t use a name.
Think for yourself with someone else’s brain. 115 more words

You have tied the last knot in the rope…Now What?

Nothing can be done with out hope and confidence! Feeling overwhelmed?  Feeling out of control?  Feeling there is no way out? 395 more words

Special Education/Handicap (Give Them a Chance)

As you read this post you may think that I’ve already written something similar to it,and you’re not wrong. The difference here is that I’ve got two of the most well respected and inspirational people that you’ll ever have the chance to meet on my side. 329 more words

The tenth truth.

People believe in me more than I do myself. My self-doubt is my biggest downfall.

Why Does a Loving God Let Bad Things Happen To Good People?

Why Does a Loving God Let Bad Things Happen To Good People?

I hear and get asked this question A LOT. And, honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to answer this question a year ago. 505 more words


"A fórmula sonhalógica" Você sempre soube o que quis ser na vida!

- Oi tudo bem?

- Sim, tudo ótimo e com você?

- Tudo tranquilo e o trabalho como está?

- Nossa nem me fale, não agüento mais aquele chefe chato, aquelas cobras que trabalham lá e o salário não dá para nada.

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