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Halloween Cupcakes in Bell Jars

Individual Bell Jar containers elevate these cupcakes to presentation-value from by-the-dozen-mass-consumption-value. CLICK the thumbnail for the full offering. Many are Fall Pumpkin color or Fall Yellow Mum color as befits the season. 637 more words

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Skulls in Bell Jars

If you love eeriee but are squeamish to touch it directly, maybe you just need eerie skulls in isolating Bell Jars. In addition to keeping you at a distance, the Bell Jars insure you never have to dust your skull collection. 589 more words

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Fertilization for the Imagination: Bell Jars

Bell jars, the lazy version of the terrarium. You don’t even have to plant anything. As long as your little plant likes moisture, just put it in a nice pot, plop a bell jar on top and ta daa! 50 more words



Where to begin? Will and I went out last night. That’s where I’ll begin. That’s how I want to begin every post.

I feel inebriated. Enamored. 461 more words


I still miss him.

I still miss him.

I just don’t know what happened.

I told him he was being a coward for not giving this a chance. 157 more words

This is what misogyny looks like

“But women can never be careful enough, can we? If we take naked pictures of ourselves, we’re asking for it. If someone can manage to hack into our accounts, we’re asking for it.

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The Naked Writer...Exposing My Bell Jar #iiwk14 #invisibleillness

*Personal Post – Writer getting real – Longreads*

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The soldiers are unseen
Camouflaged in skin
Their weapons are lethal…

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