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New Banner and Manip for Kmah88

First manip I made on my own. I’m kinda proud of it. 

Here is the banner I made it for. The story is called One Night by Kmah88. 39 more words

Bella Swan

Who has the best Sparkle?

Forget Bella and Edward – GO MAGNUS!

Magnus’ Song:

Magnus Bane

Go Insane

Throw some glitter

Make it rain

Hi All!

     This is my first post here on my new blog. I would like to use this blog to get an inside look at the clothing that the Cullens wear in the Twilight Saga films. 117 more words

Alice Cullen

Enlisted Love by WeeKittyAndTat

Summary: Between deployments and deaths, will Bella and Edward find their happy place together? When they find their love will it survive the war they’re surrounded by? 40 more words

Fan Fiction

FanFiction of the Week

I feel bad I didn’t upload one last week. Mostly because when I tried wordpress decided it was a form of media that just wouldn’t load. 86 more words

Shakespeares Raven

Ghosts of Fangs the Past

Once upon a time there lived a young girl Polly who had been invited to spend the summer of her fifteen with her cousin Sally. Amidst  the many adventures that marked their summer, Sally introduced Polly to the tale of Twilight. 630 more words

Excerpts From Fiction

He may be an ex-serial killer, but he's still kinda cute, or, musings on Edward Cullen (and Bella, by default)

Edward Cullen. Where do I begin? He’s like one of those seemingly nice sociopaths on a crime show: the rich, perfect young gentleman who has a few girlfriends in the basement. 684 more words