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On RAW 11/17/2014

RAW Notes are back!

The way Cena approached Ryback for Team Cena recruitment totally came off as soap opera. But what he said to convince him was absolutely Best of Cena material: “It’s amazing that the guy who always wants to get fed more finally gets a chance to eat at the big table and suddenly he’s not hungry.” Cena is really working the populist hero angle while Triple H is nailing the corporate tyrant. 308 more words

WWE's Hell In A Cell 2014 - The Review pt. 1

This is the first Pro Wrestling Man write-up of a WWE event. Having been a viewer and fan of the promotion for almost forty years, this will be the first time this wrestling fan has critiqued one of its pay-per-views. 1,887 more words

WWE Pay-Per-View

Every Match Should Be In The Cell

This Sunday WWE will hold its Hell In A Cell PPV, which you can watch live on the WWE Network for only $9.99. ¬†While looking at the match card, the wrestlers involved, and the stories leading up to the event, I couldn’t help but think that this year, more than ever, I would have liked to see every match take place inside the Cell. 773 more words