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art by Jane Gilday

Merida Review: How long have you been painting/writing/making music? (Yeah, we’re focusing on the art here, but it all feeds into each other, doesn’t it?) 742 more words

Jane Gilday

Red fascination

I’ve always been interested in flowers but this last spring I really started photographing them daily. There is something with their textures and colours that I’m very intrigued by. 26 more words

Belladonna Lagerkvist

Trick or Treat!

by Jemma.

It’s Halloween! A time for magic, spells and potions! We have many plants in the Materia Medica that were used for mystical purposes. So if you are a witch in need of ingredients for your flying ointment: we have belladonna, which you can mix with hemlock, wolfsbane and other such ingredients to make your broom fly high into the sky. 75 more words

University Of Manchester

Falls red stars..

Walking around the park the other day under the rain, I found theese beautiful trees. Puts me in a longing for a cosy christmas kind of mood..

Belladonna Lagerkvist

The Lady of Porthcawl

My writing buddy Craig over at Entertaining Stories and I decided to write a story together. He took one part and I the other, then we switched and made sure the story fit together. 1,158 more words

Sore Throats

Sore throats can occur during any season of the year, and frequently herald the start of a cold, or in other cases, tonsillitis or strep throat, which is a particularly nasty strain of bacterial infection that can spread quickly through a classroom of students. 663 more words