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I’ve previously alluded to my zombie condition, but I only alluded because, well, the explanation is really quite boring since I don’t actually eat brains. 1,330 more words


"Who gives a fuck about Manuel?"

The Fashionistas – Part 2

Shiva Entertainment
2hrs 20mins

Fashionistas Part 1 was on the kinky side, but the follow-up is full-scale, open-floodgates pervy filth. If you weren’t paying attention last time, habitual bum-invader Rocco Siffredi was playing the not-especially-stretching part of Antonio, a habitually bum-invading Italian fashion designer looking to unveil a new fetish fashion label that would take the catwalks by storm. 351 more words


Penelope Cruz On The Idiosyncratic Use Of Broomsticks

Penelope Cruz 

Used to muse 

On the use

Of oversized microwave ovens

In the covens 

Of Barcelona.


Give them their due

They know how to imbue

Broomsticks with fresh belladonna!

Atropa Belladonna

She is strong, this little beauty. Though she is a small, delicate thing for now I can sense her power, her poison. She is intoxicating. 264 more words


Liberty Republic Spellbound Polish in Hex, Lovespell, Belladonna, Elixir, and Omen

Liberty Republic decided to release their first nail polish collection exclusively for Wantable subscribers, so if you’re a Wantable subscriber and didn’t put “Dislike” for nail polish in your quiz, you’re likely going to get a Liberty Republic polish in your box this month. 722 more words