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Distinctly Divine Dance Madness, 1914

An astounding alteration in American morals took place just prior to the start of what was then termed, ” The Great War”.  Almost overnight, an entire nation shrugged off the confines of yesteryear with it’s measured and mannerly waltz in favor of something hotter bolder and outrageously uninhibited. 325 more words

Pearls, Peacock Feathers and the Feminist Fin de Siecle Fantasies of Colette

Mademoiselle Colette and her scandalously scantily-clad Sandowesque quartette, propel her stage-ward, upon a dais nude ‘neath her peacock feathers and pearls. Amusingly aware of the elegant excesses of the Edwardian Era, upon the stage Colette maximized her erotically charged imagination to absolute eyebrow-raising perfection. 181 more words

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scans from "La Vie Heureuse", 1910/1911

Sometimes I see in magazines I scan interesting pictures or articles not linked with Lantelme destiny or people she knew. I think I’ll also show these pictures in my blog because I don’t want to create additional blogs for them :) 45 more words

Belle Epoque

books by Sem

Scans of the book “Le vrai et le faux chic” by Sem (1914), on Gallica site, with many pictures.

Scans of the book “Tangoville” by Sem (1913), with many pictures.

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an article from L'Illustration

Scan of an article about Lantelme, from L’Illustration (29 July 1911). This article was written by famous Sem.

The article text (OCR and spell-check by me). 912 more words

Belle Epoque

Sphinx Tarot at Belle Epoque: Dark Circus Party

The Sphinx doesn’t rest on the laurels. Last weekend we had readers at Club Antichrist’s Birthday Party; this weekend we visited Belle Epoque: Dark Circus Party, arranged by, among others, renowned London fetish club Torture Garden.  14 more words

Behind the Picture: Intermission at the Folies by Louis Legrand

This painting, currently on display at Josef Glimer Gallery, is originally from the collection of Louis Legrand’s loyal friend and publisher Gustave Pellet.

An important predecessor of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Legrand has largely fallen into public obscurity. 353 more words