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The Mission

This belly fat of mine just doesn’t sit right with me. 

 Fat acts like an organ in your body. It produces hormones and messes with your mind, and I swear it begs me for all those over processed sweets and snacks, and is trying to multiply and take over my body. 336 more words

Weight Loss

I've changed my mind

Yah, yah, yah — I said I’d be talking about telomeres today but I’ve changed my mind. After barre class last night I met a woman who is a PhD clinical researcher at Harborview Medical Center here in Seattle. 214 more words

How To Reduce Belly Fat

Annoyed with fat in the belly ? Accumulate abdominal fat is often interfere with performance. In fact, belly fat is also the most dangerous type of fat because it can be a significant indicator of disease. 349 more words


Glucomannan And Weight Loss

Weight and Health Benefits of Glucomannan

Glucomannan is the root of a plant in Asia known as konjac .It is used widely in Japan where they call it the broom of the intestines. 455 more words

Fatties Abound

I live in an area that it pretty health conscious. Seattle has tons of bicyclists and most people walk around town rather than drive. This changes when you leave the metropolitan area. 276 more words

A Change?

 So, here I am starting my very first blog. Why you ask? Well, I have a lot to say and a lot I think I should share. 218 more words


Why Should You Lift?

Okay I understand you don’t want to enter a weight lifting contest or look all “muscly” however; lift is important. Lifting weights assists in helping fight heart disease, cancer, stress, and belly fat! 237 more words