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Heart Home

Addicted to imagined warm translucent memories

of places I have never been

but might like more

than uncovering a home

right here in this space… 199 more words

What do you lead on?

In a herd of horses, different horses will lead on different things depending on their skills and sensitivities. Some might be more anxious and alert, so they are more mindful of danger and potential threats. 552 more words


brightening that space

one thing i have
learned from my
temporal living arrangements
is the presence
of flowers and
plants to that
humble little space


The Spanner


It was 3.47 am. I just couldn’t get myself to sleep. Knowing that I had work the next day didn’t help either. There was just something incomplete. 609 more words


Be long

Most noted
of her hopes
claims ownership.
The tempest in the teacup of her day.
How does one
by crook
the pupils of her eyes? 45 more words