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home country feels strange

It will be a brief post about a single question, have you guys ever feel strange or weird, kinda like you don’t fit in your home country? 41 more words

You'll Always Have A Home

I thought I lost you tonight,
thought you gave up on life.
She said you didn’t want to be here and were found unconscious on the street,
188 more words



An unbearable silence

Uttered in words of every chaos

Of everyday chores

The husband and the wife

Swiftly struggled with


Their daily activities

Like that was life. 80 more words


The Conditions of Unconditional Love

“I love you to unknown boundaries. I love you for who you are. I will love you till death do us part.”


Love is a funny thing. 891 more words



Throughout my childhood and continuing into my life as a young-adult, I have never had the impression that I belonged in any place, circumstance, or situation. 625 more words


The Best Is Still Unwritten.

Its a lazy winter morning and i am still under the covers of my cozy blanket.. With the sun hidden behind the roaring clouds.. i look outside through my window into the sky.. 255 more words