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Grateful Tuesdays: Speaking Up

We remain quiet. We don’t get involved. We mind our own business and let people make their own mistakes. We don’t talk to strangers. No need to risk them not answering us back or worse thinking we’re a freak for speaking up. 795 more words


Be a local for the weekend.

There have been many websites in the last 10 years which have listed  accommodations for rent but only Airbnb has been amazingly successful. Airbnb started exactly at the right time. 299 more words


Love as...

“Rather, the sentiment of early love seems to me a particular sense of belonging, defined by a particular absence.”

In trying to find where i belong, 40 more words


One Church, Many Doors


If you are looking for a faith community that shares your journey toward God,

you are looking for a church like ours.

If you are searching for a group of people who are growing in love and trust, 55 more words


draining hope, invading pain

“..staring out into the night
trying to hide the pain
Im going to the place where love and
feeling good don’t ever cost a thing..” 456 more words

Himawari (Sunflower)

“In times of need, you need to learn to know who your friends are.”

- Unknown

Human beings have been living with each other since as early as time can measure. 

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