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First post is the deepest.

Dear, Heart,

We all want to belong.

Moving here a year ago, I discovered that despite having an already solid group of friends in Los Angeles, it was still a foreign city to me and that people aren’t always as they seem. 656 more words


weeding and weeping

step into the garden
cedar trees and alders sentinels
the greyed bench
tipping back now
needs to be righted
my ½-weeded garden
sweet woodruff and oregano… 183 more words

UMAL2M Day 54: Cam, Kyle and Kiran

Today we have a lovely group of people talking about how amazing their friend Cole is:


Learn English! Language, accent & "Belonging": is multiculturalism the product of linguistic imperialism?   

In week 4’s tutorial we were discussing speaking English in Australia, and the difficulties in navigating the language barrier when talking to those not completely fluent or not familiar with the “Aussie” accent. 563 more words


Post-Grad Affirmations

Grad School Orientation was a great introduction to my specific study and a chance to mingle and interact with my peers. We are the first cohort to have a shared first experience of a two-day orientation. 419 more words


What is “home”?

This trip to Brazil was one where I came to the realization that “home” really is where your heart is, as cliché and trite as it might sound. 578 more words


UMAL2M Day 53: Hannah

Today Hannah talks about her friend Barb: