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love me
simply because
I love you
you don’t owe me
your patience
your loyalty
your breath on my neck
do not love me… 101 more words

Chaotic mystery

There is a place I go, often in my imagination and all too rarely in reality.

The sand is gritty, firm beneath my feet and the sea stretches wide across the horizon. 193 more words


Inanna And The Underworld, Surrendering To The Blood.

Feeling a little hemmed in where I am at my market today and wondering what this is symbolising for me at the moment. Perhaps it is time to move on from this wonderful warm space where I find part of my family or tribe, I have a sense of belonging and connection and it is this that keeps bringing me here. 314 more words

Inconsolable differences

A divide so great that it can not be traversed.
A contrast so stark that there is no compliment.
A disagreement in regard to an imperative matter. 11 more words

Critical Thinking

The Testament of Mary

I want more from the world. Not much, but more.
If water can be changed into wine and the dead can be brought back, then I want time pushed back. 255 more words


The absence of family

As my mid-30s rapidly creeps up on me, I find myself in a strange place – effectively living within a bedsit in my parents’ house, tentatively rebuilding a career following several mis-judged life choices. 1,494 more words