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In a sleep so deep, self meets the soul
To cross the line we always behold
A chance taken to run away
From the world we no longer claim… 15 more words

Crippled Hands

Friends. Hi. In Luke Chapter 6, verses 6 through 11, Jesus is in the synagogue, teaching on the sabbath. In the synagogue is a man with a withered hand. 341 more words



This morning, I walked to the post office to check my mail. Sometimes on “off days,” there’s still something in my post office box. Even though it’s a small town where I live, I was surprised by how quiet things were. 227 more words

Honoring Your Writing And Your Being A Writer


I was visiting with my nephew earlier today.  He has a different disability from what I have; yet we often struggle with the same things. 418 more words



I’ve never been one for “family” holidays. Christmas, Thanksgiving – with my childhood, it was always a coin toss. Who would have us first? Forcibly torn between two entities. 456 more words

New Orleans- You Belong Here

“It is sometimes said that the people who choose to live in New Orleans don’t do so because it is easy, but because they don’t know how to live any place else.” In mid October, the artist Tavares Strachan floated a 100 foot long by 22 foot high neon sculpture across the Mississippi River to be docked at New Orleans Esplande wharf through January 25, 2015.

Article at W Magazine.


memories: family holiday meal drama.... serenity

it’s hard, i try to just “start fresh” and “leave the past behind”. but as i step into new situations and feel that awkward feeling of not knowing what to do… i just want to go hide again. 462 more words