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Most Powerful Person in Finance in their 60s

There are very few professional finance positions in the world that carry the power associated with being head of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board, which is now under the direction of 67-year old Janet Yellen. 476 more words


Audit the Federal Reserve Discoveries

Federal Reserve Discoveries
published July 26, 2014

Audit the Fed H.R. 24 Passes Oversight Committee July 25, 2015 (Article)
Via Megan Stiles. Paul Broun, Ron Paul… 366 more words

Restricted Credit Will Impede Housing Recovery

Financial FAQs

As if we need more evidence that the Consumer Protection Finance Bureau and government regulators have listened to the wrong people when drafting their Qualified Mortgage requirements (that lowers the maximum debt-to-income ratio to 43 percent for non-agency mortgages, disallows interest only options and 40-yr amortization for starters), while Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac add huge fees and stricter underwriting criteria to anyone below a 700 credit score (which is almost perfect in today’s trying markets), the latest new-home sales should convince us. 581 more words

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My homage to Grumpy Cat - DIY Plush

Grumpy Cat is the latest fav meme, right? Or am I a year or so late with that one like I was with the Angry Birds thing… 533 more words


गुड बाय बेन !

जगामध्ये अशी फारच थोडी मानस आहेत की ज्यांच्या स्वाक्षारित एकाद्या कागदाच चलनात रुपांतर करण्याची ताकद आहे. ही जी ताकद – जी किंमत त्यांच्या स्वाक्षारित आहे ती कोणाही राष्ट्राध्यक्षाच्या वा राजाच्या स्वाक्षारित नाही. 37 more words

Self worth vs Net worth

Ex Fed chairman Ben Bernanke said something to the college graduates of Princeton in 2013 that I’ll never forget and you shouldn’t either. He basically said that ten years from now you will be doing something entirely different than what you’re doing today, and you have no idea what that will be. 235 more words

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Tabarrok on "Bernanke vs. Friedman"

Alex Tabarrok has a very flattering post at Marginal Revolution about my 2011 article,  “Ben Bernanke versus Milton Friedman: The Federal Reserve’s Emergence as the U.S. 20 more words