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Notes From Underground: Yellen Dethrones Bernanke

Last Friday, Chair Yellen delivered a speech at the Boston Fed’s Conference on Opportunity and Inequality. The present Fed Chair has frequently opined on the social and economic problems of income equality and I have been very critical of her wading into the waters of social and fiscal policy for many of the previous 80 years issues of wealth inequality have been dealt with through fiscal and social action. 769 more words


Medical Care For Dallas Ebola Patient May Cost $500,000

DRTOA – Actual costs are now easily in the hundreds of millions and could reach trillions as US Economy crashes…..

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Five stories that have North Texas talking: the cost of caring for a patient with Ebola, transportation officials try to find a Plan B to fund the Trinity Parkway, early birds catch the “blood moon”, and more. 160 more words


AIG Bailout Architects Leave Questions for Executives

By: Andrew Zajac and Christie Smythe

The trial over the American International Group Inc. (AIG) bailout shifts this week from the architects of the 2008 rescue, who spent days testifying as to why they imposed the terms they did on the ailing insurer, to the executives who accepted their demands. 782 more words


We Are Looking At A Market Meltdown At Open As Obola Fears Turn Into Horrifying Reality

Futures Slide, Take Out August Lows, Russell 2000 Almost 1000. World markets will begin collapsing. It will be too late to react as American sheeple don’t believe what is happening. 114 more words

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Ben Bernanke’s Nobel Prize and What It Means for Pluralism

By Joe Hazell

It’s that time of the year, and people are speculating on who will win the next Sveriges-Riksbank-Prize-in-Economic-Sciences aka Economics Nobel Prize. Thomson Reuters, who run a citation based metric, … 1,272 more words