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Strictly Come Dancing: Ben Cohen Unites Fickle Gays Throughout UK (originally published on GuySpy, Sep 11 2013)

British gay men were reportedly reduced to a frothing, masturbatory mess last weekend as Ben Cohen appeared as a contestant on BBC One’s Saturday night ratings behemoth “Strictly Come Dancing.” 263 more words

Batting for the other team at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

It’s been a big year for gay athletes.

Not just the tabloid headlines associated with high profile sports personalities coming out as gay or bisexual, but because of globally focused international events, like the Sochi Winter Olympics and this week’s Commonwealth Games, both drawing attention to the appalling human right records of many participating countries. 885 more words


Does John Good's Testimony Support Zimmerman's Story? Nope!

George Zimmerman’s story is simply incredulous even with John Good’s testimony.  Many Zimmerman supporters point to Good’s testimony as somehow confirming Zimmerman’s story that Trayvon Martin without provocation, slammed his head on the cement, hit him in the face repeatedly, grabbed for his gun thereby forcing Zimmerman to shoot him in self-defense. 942 more words

George Zimmerman