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Healing Point

This really is the end. Promise. And… wow, we’re done! Thanks for coming along on the ride.

“I say she is innocent of all wrongdoing and free from this moment forth,” Palpatine said solemnly. 987 more words

Ben Kenobi

Breaking Point - Part 24

Written mostly in a field in Norfolk in company of six small children playing soccer, and a horse, and a rather splendid game of Mafia. I retired crushed from the game because I was (again) designated the detective and was (as usual) hanged, but… 1,504 more words

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Breaking Point - Part 22

It’s… been a while, I’m afraid. Life got busy. But I never actually forgot about this story, it’s been at the top of my drafts list for months. 1,880 more words

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On Loan

The story you are about to read is the result of a comment Erin made in passing, a Scarlet Pimpernel story, and a night of insomnia induced by gorgeous wonderful French coffee. 6,943 more words

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Special Features: "Occasion"

There wasn’t room for these scenes in For The Occasion, but they seemed too much fun to pass up altogether.
Also, a window into my mind palace (incidentally this palace is called the Blue House; I don’t know why) the night before we began work on For The Occasion. 
1,263 more words

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For The Occasion

This story contains one line borrowed from one of Erin’s (as yet) unpublished stories – so thanks a million, Erin – but uses it in a rather different context.  6,309 more words

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