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In The Morning

In honor of International Atheists’ Day. (See Psalm 14 verse 1)

As usual there is somebody to thank: this time it’s Erin, for the kind¬†loan of a truly annoying General, first seen… 1,902 more words

Nasriel Threeb

Breaking Point - Part 2

It was quiet that evening. Strangely quiet. Neither of the two Padawans was in trouble with anybody else’s Master, or late with academic assignments, or ‘not speaking’ to any other Padawans, or working late in either the laboratory or the dojo. 2,506 more words

Nasriel Threeb

Breaking Point - Part 1

Many thanks – as usual! – to Erin, this time for advice regarding Shendi customs and language.

“Hi – hi, Master. Sorry I’m late – I forgot – to tell you -” Nasriel was one of the worst Padawans in the Temple for running in the corridors, and it did not look as if that was about to change today, as she skidded around the last corner into the hallway, only just stopping herself from crashing into the wall. 2,671 more words

Nasriel Threeb

Who Gary Oldman could potentially play in Star Wars Episode VII


Movie news keep reporting that every actor in Hollywood has been approached for a role in Star Wars Episode VII. Recently Gary Oldman has been reported to have been offered a role in the film but if he will take it or not has yet to be confirmed. 208 more words