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What Can One Person Do?

When I think of the events over the past several months that have impacted the Black people in America, it can be frustrating, maddening, motivating and even overwhelming. 626 more words

Ben Watson

Do We Choose to Sin or Is It Human Nature?

I have a problem with sin.  I’m not talking about my shortcomings and guilt for the things I’ve done wrong that separate me from God.  I’m talking about sin as Ben Watson, tight end for the New Orleans Saints, identified it this past week.  1,158 more words


Riot or Reason?

In the age of social media, the way people think and communicate has been changed forever. Accessibility is a word with an entirely new meaning, and users have the ability to interact with essentially whomever, whenever they please. 508 more words


Outrage On Facebook Stirs After CNN Cuts Off NFL Player's Message

There isn’t much that can happen these days without a lot of people noticing…especially, with the combination of DVR and cameras on our phones. Ben Watson wrote a… 126 more words


The Gospel silenced on CNN

On Friday, Nov. 28th, New Orleans Saints Tight End Ben Watson went on CNN to explain his opinion about the events in Ferguson, Missouri.  He does a great job explaining that the root of problems in the world, including those in Ferguson, is “not a SKIN problem, it is a SIN problem.” His personal and impassioned essay was originally written to vet his own emotions and thoughts on the results of the grand jury and riots in the St. 95 more words


12th Man: Malky can weather media storm

Malky Mackay’s appointment and Dave Whelan’s subsequent controversial comments have resulted in an unprecedented amount of negative media coverage for the club, but on the pitch there are grounds for optimism. 413 more words

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Ben Watson on the Rioting in Ferguson

After playing  in a Monday Night Football game at the Superdome, New Orleans Saints’ Tight End Ben Watson wrote an reflection about the rioting in Ferguson, Missouri after the Grand Jury handed down the decision on the Michael Brown shooting. 73 more words