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Ben Witherington on 'The Sense of Christmas'

I’ve been wanting to find something well-thought-out on the Christmas (’tis the season).  Ben Witherington, III has done a three part series on ‘The Sense of Christmas.’  It is well done (as… 11 more words

Biblical Studies

On St. Paul and the continuity/provisionality of the Law

1. Ben Witherington III

Paul believes that the story of Moses and those involved in the Mosaic covenant is not the generating narrative for Christians, whether Jew or Gentile.

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Theology Quotes

WHAT IS WISDOM? part 1 of 2

Once a dutiful and thrifty peasant’s wife wrapped her shawl about her shoulders, took up her basket, and told her husband, “Otto, I’m leaving now to go over the hill to nurse my sister Anna. 982 more words


Witherington engages with Bloomberg and both blow Ehrman out of the water.

Ben Witherington has finished an eight part series, where he engaged with Craig Bloomberg’s book, “Can we still believe the Bible?” 

I really enjoyed reading through his reflections and when finances permit, would like read through this book myself. 248 more words