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Parks and Recreation Recap: "Flu Season 2"/ "One in 8,000"--The Biggest Curve

I don’t know of a lot of places with just the usual four seasons. New York has a second winter, which turns out to be harsher than the first because it comes with the sunburn I got when I thought it wasn’t winter anymore. 1,271 more words


Ron Doesn't Like Giving Speeches

I’m a longtime “Parks and Recreation” fan and I have to say, this season Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) has been stealing the show. But along with the rest of the cyberweb, I love me some Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman). 29 more words


Parks and Recreation - Oh Baby Oh Baby (s06e19)

Yay! Leslie Knope is going to be a Mum y’all! And Ben Wyatt is going to be the cutest, most nerd-bag father to walk this fine green earth of ours. 317 more words


'Parks and Recreation' recap: The Parks Department goes to prom

Season 6 | Ep. 18 | “Prom” | Aired Apr 3, 2014

Sending a grown cast of characters to prom might sound like a stunt or write-off episode, but with NBC’s Parks and Recreation … well, yeah, that’s not totally inaccurate. 760 more words

Every Indie Rock Band Ever (And Ginuwine!) Will Be In 'Parks And Rec's Festival Episode

Two important things I learned about Parks and Recreation today:

1. The (former) drummer in Mouse Rat? That’s Mark Rivers…who was in Letters to Cleo. 185 more words


Parks and Recreation Recap: "New Slogan"--The Other 98%

He came to Pawnee as a cute fascist hardass, but never let it be said that Ben Wyatt doesn’t absolutely LOVE stuff. He’s put together a website that lets you apply for your utility tax refund online. 949 more words

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Parks and Recreation Recap: "Anniversaries"/ "The Wall"--You Like Fixing This Town

“If you believe in something, you sign your name to it.”

Remember when Leslie accidentally performed a marriage ceremony for gay penguins, and suddenly everyone had an opinion on her, and it threw her into a panic? 987 more words