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Back on track

….. eller inte ūüėä efter en veckas vila fick jag s√• mitt nya tr√§nings schema. Intervall tr√§ning, ett set √§r tre set x tv√• dvs 10 reps x tre med 10 sec pause per set ūüėä 264 more words


This Is What Twelve Looks Like

¬†“Every twenty-four hour day is a tremendous gift to us. ¬†So we should all learn to live in a way that makes joy and happiness possible. 30 more words


Ben Kramer

By: Brandon Benguaich
Genre: Alternative Folk

In the world of independent folk on the internet, there is tons to choose from and it takes the right musician to create something meaningful. 267 more words


Still alive :)

Not sure if I mentioned this in my last post but on friday I had to go in for an operation, everything went as expected but i was told that what they had found I have to have another operation to treat it. 734 more words


Attempting the Impossible

One of the more intriguing¬†paintings by Belgian Surrealist Ren√© Magritte shows the artist creating a woman using his paintbrush. Now, despite my dislike of Magritte’s elevation of himself to a godlike status as he fashions a woman to stand beside him, an object of his dreams rather than a subject with dreams of her own, I appreciate the way Magritte approaches painting. 677 more words


Bike ride....

So this weekend I went for a great bike ride through the marsh with Ben and our friend Debbie. We all piled into Ben’s front seat of his station wagon with the 3 bikes in the back. ¬† 54 more words

My Life

Visiting the Bees

“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. ¬†The river was cut by the world’s greatest flood and runs over the rocks from the basement of time. ¬† 25 more words