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On: Pacific Crest Sports Festival-A race review

To say that Sunriver, the location of Pacific Crest Sports Festival, is gorgeous is an understatement. Located in central Oregon, approximately 20 minutes from Bend, this vacation villiage offers a myriad of recreational opportunities for outdoor recreational enthusiasts. 411 more words


Caitlin and Sam Wedding Bend, OR

Congratulations Caitlin and Sam!
Here are a few shots from their beautiful wedding in Bend, OR.
Many more to follow and we’ll let everyone know when the proofs are ready. 20 more words

New Work: Job Journaling

I met Marielle a few months back, and when she told me about her idea for Job Journaling I knew it was genius! She explained to me that when she interviewed people (she works in human resources) she finds that they don’t often remember the best example for that all too familiar question: tell us how you best handled ‘x’ situation?   262 more words


Hiking in Oregon: Smith Rock State Park

Smith Rock State Park is about a half hour north from Bend in Terrebonne, Oregon.  It is most famous for its rock climbing, with the iconic Monkey Face being one of its most challenging and well-known routes.  700 more words


Mirror, Mirror

So I’m going into my 3rd week of the 30 day barre3 challenge. And what do I decide to write about? Mirrors.


How to tackle such a… 768 more words

Giant U-Turn; Redmond to the Sierras

We spent an entire week in Redmond, just outside of Bend Oregon, with our dear friend Beverly. We totally relaxed, slept in a real bed, fixed lots of delicious food, and played the board game aggravation until all hours of the night. 254 more words


Rain Days

My son and I don’t spend a lot of time outside. I readily admit that. Lately it’s been so warm that I just haven’t been up for it. 276 more words

Being Active