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'He looks as tired as I feel!' Benedict Cumberbatch meets, and photobombs, his waxwork

Benedict Cumberbatch photobombed himself on The Graham Norton Show.

It was one of the highlights of the Oscars this year.

Besides the epic Ellen DeGeneres selfie and the bit when we witness all the A-listers wolf down pizza, BC photobombing U2 was a classic moment. 86 more words


Here's Benedict Cumberbatch attempting Beyonce's Crazy In Love strut

This is Benedict Cumberbatch’s attempt to walk like Beyonce.

Cumberbatch is already fabulous, but we think his Beyonce strut has made him doubly so.

On The Graham Norton Show, Miranda was demonstrating her ‘popstar walk’ which, she said ‘Beyonce nails’. 95 more words


Benedict Cumberbatch brilliantly outdid Beyoncé on Graham Norton

Were you sitting on your sofa watching The Graham Norton show this Friday night? If not, you missed out on a Cumberbounty.

Man of the moment (when isn’t he these days?) Benedict Cumberbatch popped in to visit Graham ahead of the release of The Imitation Game next month. 179 more words


Watch Benedict Cumberbatch try to walk like Beyonce

This is the stuff memes are made of: Benedict Cumberbatch attempting to do Beyoncé’s walk.  88 more words



Let’s talk. Actually, let’s listen. Always listen.

I started playing The Nightjar last night and I couldn’t do it in the dark. It’s not necessarily that the video game is scary, per say, but it’s the fact that it’s so emersive. 156 more words


The Woman - Not A Poem

     For over a century, Sherlock Holmes has been the epitome of detective novels. Fittingly enough, it is also the most widely portrayed fictional character in the world. 527 more words

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TILTed Workplace

I think the worst part of having this restrictive disability is feeling useless. I am lucky enough to have survived the other horrible parts like the phase where I thought I was going crazy, the stage where I believed doctors who labeled me with somatoform disorder, and the many times where I explained this illness to my friends. 1,203 more words