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Cran is the Best Berry

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Today is EAT A CRANBERRY DAY!  I suggest you eat several or drink some diet cranberry juice (it’s yummy).  I fix this recipe with Brussels sprouts once in a while and it really is a good way to get healthy foods –  but the salad tastes so good.  388 more words

Sulphur: mineral for hair

Sulphur is a nonmetallic element, very common in the natural world, important for our body because it cleans the blood and fights bacteria, detoxifies toxic substances, participates in the synthesis of collagen. 118 more words


Freedom To Be

Freedom To Be

4 years of school was out the picture
But the picture was perfect
Everyone take different paths
And mine wasn’t clear
Several attempted paths failed… 133 more words

Question 2 - Are video games beneficial or detrimental?

I had no doubt that there would be a lot of research in this area. Worried parents and anti-violence activists have a field day with this topic, and I was interested to find out what sort of information I would glean. 448 more words