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Katie Price and universal benefits

This week saw the internet collapse when Katie Price disclosed her son Harvey, who is blind and has a range of complex health needs, receives local authority support. 161 more words


spreadsheets and paperwork

Friday’s are my paperwork day. Its when I catch up on letters, call the DWP and ATOS, make app with the doctor, fill in the calander. 408 more words

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It’s like clockwork

Anne Nicoll

Have you ever looked inside a clock?

It’s filled with gears, springs and an intricate layout to keep time. Each mechanism depends on the other to make the clock tick. 357 more words


I Am ADDICTED To Yoga And The Wonders It Does For My Body!

Recently I decided to quit the one sport I love the most in this world…volleyball. You probably think I am crazy for every quitting a sport that I love and I am, but it was time. 383 more words


Twice in two days I have been confirmed mad.

My title is in jest, although true. Yesterday, I had an app with my shrink, the last was a month ago, he has now prescribed me a higher dose of the anti depressenant I am on (and worked for 10 straight days) and to try and control the mood swings I am now an antipsychotic, which to me is the cream of saying yes you are indeed crazy. 181 more words

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Change, communications and sponsorship

Since the Project Workout was first published, I have advocated projects as the vehicles for achieving strategic objectives or as I often say, projects are the vehicles of change. 450 more words

Project Workout

It was nice while it lasted

So after ten days of taking these new drugs I started to notice I wasn’t feeling good anymore. Infact I was starting to feel a bit depressed. 209 more words

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