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10 'other' benefits of working out for Voice and On-Camera Talent

We have all heard about working out to look good and help keep the flub at bay. I have found that there are many ‘other’ benefits of regular exercise for voice and on-camera talent, that don’t get much press, if any. 402 more words

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Writing and exercise

Now before I start, this is not a lecture… promise, but it does talk about exercise. Sorry (o;

I’m a runner or at least I’ve just graduated from jogging to running. 503 more words


Talk a walk, it's good for your brain

John and I have gone for frequent evening walks for most of our 14-year marriage.

When we were newlyweds, our neighbors across the street often went for night walks, and soon we were passing them on the street pretty regularly. 678 more words


Lack Of Exercise Causes Your Obesity Problems

There are many things that go into American obesity, but there is the constant debate between diet and exercise. Yes, you do ideally need both, but when it comes to one or the other, exercise is king. 236 more words

Benefits Of Exercise

How To Turn Cardio Into Muscle Building

If you’re running on a treadmill or in a cardio class, chances are you aren’t focusing on muscle building. You’re focusing on fat burning, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tone up and therefore increase your metabolism. 289 more words

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How Hot Weather Makes You Fat

So it’s hot, and you have been told that your body burns more calories when it is hot. After all, fat burning is a heated process. 302 more words

Benefits Of Exercise

Treat Others with Compassion: Exercise!

We rarely talk about how exercising affects our interaction with others. Everyone KNOWS that activity is a logical path to feeling more fit and looking healthier, but can we talk for a moment about how working out often leads us to simply being a more PLEASANT human being? 41 more words