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Water affects us on many ways and helps maintain good health. The following are ways water helps us:

1) It helps keep a steady body temperature by absorbing heat generated by your metabolism and eliminating excess heat through sweating. 83 more words

Why drinking water is the best kept beauty secret.

Water is one of the most abandoned and yet in some parts of the world most scarce resource. It cover more than 70% of the total Earth’s surface. 270 more words

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10 Awesome Reasons To Carry Water Everywhere

Covering most of our planet, housing more life then we yet know, with the power to create raging terror to wonderous magical paradises, water is the life force of our existence and one of the most important aspects of living at your best health. 309 more words

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180 Days Just Water and Fruits Challenge

Hey Guys,

You know how we just take in a lot of soda/carbonated drinks and what not and just ignore water. People hardly drink water except well maybe they eat something that has a lot of pepper, but when you are out you want a drink and not water. 960 more words

Benefits Of Water

The Hiatus Chronicles - Makeover

Febbraio Ventuno, 11:04 AM (Sabato)

When I left the Christian band I was playing piano for, I concentrated on my career and re-inventing myself. I decided to put a hold in my music career because I was sure that it’ll make me very famous, but not very rich. 2,225 more words

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Drink More Water

Whenever someone I know is sick, the only advice I give is: drink more water. The keyword is “more”. If you drink five glasses of water everyday, when you are sick, you need to drink more than five glasses of water. 237 more words


drinking your way to success

HA. Before you go break out that bottle of Pinot, read further. We are talking about the wonders of H2o today, ladies (so sorry to disappoint). 496 more words