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Benefits of Green Beans

I don’t know why I never thought of this sooner.  Green beans are literally my favorite vegetable, I could eat them all day long!  But at least we’re looking at their benefits today! 227 more words

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Welcome to my blog, Certified Made From Scratch! I hope you’ll not only have a read, and a look around, but stop to introduce yourself, share some tips, offer advice, and generally just have a little ‘chat’. 233 more words


Benefits Of Nectarines

Officially one of my favorite summer fruits.  Ah who am I kidding, I love all fruit.  But recently these have been brought back into my life, and now they are what I crave after every run.   267 more words

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Benefits of Yoga

Well if you follow my Instagram account, then it’s no secret my newest obsession is Yoga, and it has hit hard! So obviously, we’re going to be exploring the benefits of yoga today ;) 203 more words


Benefits of Berries

Berries, one of my favorite summer fruits.  Well besides watermelon.  They are great in smoothies, ice cream, by themselves, or just frozen :)!

+  They keep you mentally sharp.  302 more words


Benefits of Quinoa

So I’ve recently tried Quinoa, and absolutely fell in love!! Last month when I decided to cut out all processed foods, the only thing I needed to get rid of was my beloved Clif Bars.   376 more words

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Benefits of Avocados

Woohoo, we’ve made it half way through the week!!! And that means Benefits Of!!!! This week we’re exploring Avocados, which I don’t know why I haven’t done a post on them sooner, these are in my diet frequently.   227 more words