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The Tax That Shall Not Be Named

So I’m currently in a legal wrangle and tangle with some lady, who can’t be named so I’m just going to call her Voldemort, about the Bedroom Tax. 302 more words


Do Plant Based Waters Add Up Nutritionally?

All the trend and hurrah is surrounding the plant-based water products — but beneath all the commercialized logos and 3d rendered imaging, does plant based water  180 more words

The Millers' Arrogance

Maria Miller resigns amidst the pressures of £45,800 expenses scandal…

It seems to me that politicians are consistently proving the public correct. Not only are they, to coin a phrase ‘woefully out of touch’ but they believe they are above those they supposedly serve. 565 more words


Platform Migration


Specialists ensure that migration or the up gradation is properly executed. The focus is generally on the business, while the major focus is a smooth and successful transition to a new operating environment. 405 more words

All in it together? Are benefits ever a lifestyle choice?

Church Action on Poverty’s new Poverty Media Unit is working to make the stories of people in poverty more widely heard. As we make our plans, we’ve had interesting conversations with lots of people – including Leeds’ Dole Animators. 689 more words

Partners And Allies

Yoga - How it got me

Sore knees. Couldn’t touch my toes. Unable to sit in a plane seat any longer than an hour before I became stiff and achy. This was me 12 months ago, age 31.   522 more words