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Why we're better together (just some reasons!)

1) We can share in the successes of Team GB in London 2012 (and again at Rio 2016), as well as remembering the extraordinary sacrifices of men from both sides of the Border who fought shoulder-to-shoulder against tyranny in two world wars and mourned the passing of comrades, whether hailing from Edinburgh or Essex. 400 more words


tories: out of touch and don't give a fuck

In March this year, a Mirror report highlighted how far out of touch the wealthy Tories are.

During a House of Lords debate, Tory Welfare Minister Lord Freud was quizzed about welfare cuts “driving more families to food banks”. 151 more words

Tory Scum

Something Positive

I wanted to let y’all know of something positive going on.  As some of you know, I have been searching for a new job hot and heavy. 365 more words


Liars, Parasites and Bullies aka Jobcentreplus

Finding myself temporarily unemployed, I made the mistake of signing on with Jobcentreplus this month (September 2014). Right from the outset the experience is designed to be intimidating. 994 more words

Work Unappreciation

One thing that definitely needs to be said is that work places need to appreciate the workers that have consistently worked there for almost a year or more. 353 more words

Almond Milk vs Cow Milk?

I’m pretty sure you have heard that almond milk is a healthy alternative to cows milk. You probably think it’s true but are not sure why. 283 more words