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The Beauty Of Giving

Sometimes giving is easier than receiving, but both provide us opportunities to grow. Giving is an honor and a privilege. This means we are in a position to be able to help someone else out; it means we can lend a helping hand and hopefully make a difference. 461 more words


Is Happiness Stealing Our Joy?

 by Chris Jones

You know that feeling, the one you get when you’ve gone out of your way for someone. Weather in response to that “still, small voice” or personal gumption, there’s a sense of a greater call we tap into when we help those in need. 413 more words


An opportunity to help a Christian family in TN

A good sister in Christ we know has recommended help to this needy family. The husband and breadwinner has a heart issue and can no longer work. 173 more words


English/Spanish Cognate of the Day


benevolence n.- desire to do good for others; charitableness; an act of kindness




1400, “disposition to do good,” from Old French benivolence and directly from Latin benevolentia “good feeling, good will, kindness,” from bene “well” (see… 10 more words


I Hate Christmas

I love Christmas.  Well, I used to.  For me, decorating for Christmas is bittersweet.  There are 22 ornaments on my tree that bear the signature… 635 more words

My Unbelief and the Judgement of God

I have been deconverted officially now for a couple of years. In those 2 years I have nearly lost a son to pneumonia, then the same son drowned in a friends pool in m absence. 578 more words