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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This was a short opinion piece originally published on Tumblr on March 29, 2014. It was intended to just be for Tumblr but since no new articles have been published here in a while, it was decided to publish the article on this site as well. 508 more words

Notes on theology 9-20-14, taken from an email correspondence

I will try to answer regarding one of the Brothers Karamazov characters claiming, “if the soul of man is not immortal, anything is permissible, even cannibalism.” 2,608 more words


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[26 August 2014] God's message - Benevolence

God*’s message for humanity** today***:

Everything changes, it’s its nature.
Rejoice, it’s my intention that the changes are for the best of all.
I’m unchanging in my ways.
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God's Messages

Beautiful Words: Benevolence

Benevolence (from Latin benevolentia):

- desire to do good to others; goodwill, an act of kindness; charitable gift.

Found in the book ‘The Art of Mediation’ by Matthieu Ricard.


Love is All Around

“You never lose by loving, and true love means letting go of all expectations. It means full acceptance, even celebration of another’s personhood.’’

Last Saturday I picked-up a friend at the airport from UK for his having a short vacation here in the country.

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Preventing Suffering and the Abolition of Predators

The principle that we should always act to prevent suffering seems intuitive as it seems that a world without needless suffering would be far better than one in which suffering occurred regularly. 980 more words