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See: Dominique Young Unique releases video for Throw it Down

Sometimes, when your on the edge of something, all you need is a little push. Tampa Bay rapper Dominique Young Unique is in that position. Starting our rapping in the courts of the Robles Park projects, through releasing her own mixtapes as a 19 year old, she’s now on the cusp of worldwide recognition. 152 more words


Words: Live review: Magnetic Man @ Camden Roundhouse (iTunes Festival)

Camden’s Roundhouse has been host to a huge number of musical geniuses over the last few weeks and last night’s guests, the dub-step heavies Magnetic Man, rocked up bringing a bone-melting amount of bass and enough lights to challenge Heathrow’s various landing strips.

Throw It Down rapper Dominique Young Unique opens up about stripper past

Exclusive: Dominique Young Unique’s ass-shaking moves in her new video are nothing compared to her days as a $3,000-a-night (£1,800) stripper.

The singer told Guilty Pleasures she’s not ashamed of her flesh-baring past as a teenager. 227 more words


Throw It Down" Official Video Dominique Young Unique

Dominique Young Unique in achievement with their contributions alongside friends to the The Go! Team (“Voice Yr Choice”), Branko (“Going Hard”), Diplo and DJ Fresh (“Earthquake”), Le Youth (“Dance with Me”) and even when you will not sing with FUCAS of Azealia Banks (“Big In The Game”). 69 more words

Dominique Young Unique

73. Benga & Coki - Night [2008]

One of dubstep’s major crossover success stories, Benga & Coki teamed up in 2008 for this playful single which punches all the right buttons: a melody that gnaws at the brain; head-noddingly accessible tempo shifts; and a cool video where an octopus involuntarily hints at body-popping.

3/3/2014 'TransEuropeExpress' tracklist

If the bird in question were, even for its kind, particularly gregarious, or perhaps suffering some pesticide-induced mental befuddlement, then the sonic journey across Europe from London to Kiev on The Kitchen Sink this week might be described as being ‘as the crow flies’. 441 more words

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