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The Bengal Tiger Solution

Jesus is seated on a windswept hill overlooking the Sea of Galilee. His followers are spread out before him, and the messiah is about to deliver his manifesto: the sermon on the mount. 397 more words

Good News With Pastor Bill

The Queen of the Jungle: The Tiger

Found this in my photos. I had forgotten to upload it at the time, so here it is. The queen of the jungle; the tiger. I would have liked to draw the tiger in color, but for me it is much easier to incorporate shadows when just using plain pencil. 12 more words


Escapism: The South Florida Fair 2015.

I donated a pint of blood and received one free ticket to the South Florida Fair, value $15 US. Then I withdrew a wad of cash from my bank account and set out to have a good time. 569 more words


India's tiger population rise 58 per cent over the last seven years

Despite the near extinction of the Indian Bengal tiger in the last decade, the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests now believes numbers have increased by over half since 2008. 592 more words

Bengal Tiger Comeback!

According to a press release by India’s Ministry of Environment and Forests, the overall tiger population surveyed in the country has increased by approximately 30.5% 118 more words

Feel Good

Tiger Styles

“El Gatito”, 37″ x 43″, spray paint on wood panel/ resin, 2015

This is the latest piece I painted.  It is for a fundraiser benefiting rescue Greyhounds.   14 more words


After Oil Spill in Bangladesh's Unique Mangrove Forest: Fears About Rare Animals

Tens of thousands of gallons of oil have spilled into the rivers and creeks of the Sundarbans region, threatening tigers, dolphins.

On December 12, three days after a cargo vessel collided with a tanker, oil coats mangrove trees in the Sundarbans region of Bangladesh. 1,192 more words