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#Benghazi: retired Lt. General to head Select Committee legal team


Lt. Gen. Dana Chipman, 55, attended West Point and received his law degree from Stanford Law School in 1986, according to public reports. He also holds a Master of Science degree in Strategic Studies.

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Has there ever been a hotter summer look than the Facekini?

The Guardian

Swimmers in the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao have already made waves on the internet for their bizarre swimming gear: colourful, full-face masks. Dubbed ‘facekini,’ the fabric masks cover a swimmer’s entire head and neck down to the collar bones. 194 more words

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The UN Is Positioning to Lock Down the US | U. S. Politics

Before It’s News

Citizens for the Constitution;2 July, 2014 “The children of Central America did not wake up this June and decide to hold their collective recesses on the border with the… 487 more words

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GOP selects head of legal team for Benghazi Select Committee

Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson reports today that the Republicans have selected retired three-star general Dana Chipman to head the legal team for the Benghazi Select Committtee. 254 more words


History of Impeachment Pushes - Truth vs Stahcer

Jeff Stahcer, a political cartoonist, recently produced the cartoon called “History of Impeachment Pushes.” I found the cartoon to be quite interesting. Mr. Stahcer has a different recollection and perception, not only of history, but of the present. 261 more words

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