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BENI – Fun Fun Chritsmas

BENI – Fun Fun Chritsmas

“Fun Fun Chritsmas” es una canción publicada por BENI en colaboración con Interia Shop Furanfuran.

BENI – Fun Fun Chritsmas… 620 more words


Displaced for the Holidays

The candles flicker casting a glow across the table. Soft melodies fill the air and the room is filled with a relaxed warmth. Laughter glides over the music, enhancing the harmonies and dancing in the candlelight. 351 more words

Humanitarian Aid Work

Nouveau massacre à Beni

Un nouveau massacre des civils a été perpétré par des hommes armés dans la nuit de samedi à dimanche 7 décembre à Manzanzaba, Ahili et Mulobya dans le territoire de Beni (Nord-Kivu). 267 more words


Civilians attacked with axes in eastern DRC

At least 36 people murdered in overnight raid in village in North Kivu province as outrage over massacres mount. 367 more words



An eerie quiet permeates the village. Even the crickets clinging to the long grass seem reluctant to make any noise. Unlike most vibrant and lively african villages, these houses lie abandoned, no goats bleating, no chickens squawking. 270 more words

Humanitarian Aid Work

Dozens Killed In Congo DR Massacre

At least 30 people have been killed during an overnight attack on the eastern Congo DR town of Beni, in the latest of many attack on the area in recent months. 153 more words


Squall ~ by: BENI

A sudden passing rain let up and once again
the sky shines so beautiful, it seems unreal
I smile at you like this, you smile at me like that… 334 more words