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A Lump, But Not in my Throat

A Pea Amongst My Plums

On Saturday 13th December 2014, whilst in the shower, I found an abnormal lump in my scrotum. I had this confirmed by my wife, as I wasn’t sure what to expect. 1,087 more words


Sander's Family Doing the Happy Dance

We got the final report from the doctors today and we are celebrating with rootbeer floats!! Esperanza’s tumor is benign and it is stage 1. This means it will not spread to other parts of her body, we do not need to do any chemo and the 20-30% of the brain tumor that was not removed will grow really slow! 185 more words

Esperanza's Story

A New Week

I ended last week in hospital while my son was having his operation, his operation went very well, there was an issue though.

The surgeon came and spoke to me that behind where his tonsil was there is a 4×2 cm lump, he believes it be benign but has taken some cells and ordered an MRI scan, my wife and I are really worried but know it is out of our hands at the moment. 113 more words

Understanding cancer terms

Oncology is the study of tumors, both benign (noncancerous) and malignant (cancerous). An oncologist is a specialist in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of tumors or cancers. 170 more words

Gratitude and Kindness 365 Day 2

Kindness: I went looking for Lorenzo but I could not find him. This was more a kindness for me than him. He always lifts my spirit and puts my life in perspective. 132 more words


Post-surgery Pathology Report - BENIGN!!!

Short post…but GOOD NEWS just in time for the New Year!

Just got a call from my surgeon with pathology results: Ovaries and tubes showed no evidence of cancer.   13 more words


Does your report say " Lesion" or " Tumor"?

Cancer patients often here medical practitioners, radiologists and doctors, use terms such as Lesions and tumors. Sometimes they are used interchangeably. However they are not the same and have different medical implications. 134 more words