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Forget Sex, Space Comes First

Adam & Eve, the so-called fore-parents of all, is the creator of the human beings as per some old stories. They spent some time together and then had sex or whatever, and then they realized what it means by… 1,405 more words


Albert Einstein - "God does not play dice with the universe"

Einstein is sometimes quoted as saying, “God does not play dice with the universe” * but Einstein was not a biologist! The fantastic and beautiful diversity of the life forms that we see around us is the product of an evolutionary process that depends on random genetic mutation. 116 more words

March 9th - Benign

Benign – adj 1: of a gentle disposition: gracious 2: favorable 3: of a mild character; especially: not becoming cancerous

The man in front of me looked benign, but I wasn’t fooled. 135 more words



Over on The Twitter, Thursdays are #braintumorthursday and those interested come together to tweet under that hash tag to raise awareness for brain tumors (benign and malignant).  156 more words

Rare Disease

News That Turns You Upside Down... or Not

I started a new journey this past month.

A journey that would take an ordinary day with an ordinary girl and be used in an extraordinary way. 351 more words