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A new part of my body
that I’ve never seen before

I’m excited to see
what it’s destined to be

This new part
of my body

© Chagall 2014


Me and My Purple Patch

A month ago, I was conducting my usual morning routine of admiring my pasty whiteness in the bathroom mirror when I noticed a small patch of lighter skin on my upper right arm.   882 more words


You have eyes my dear, but you cannot see

You have eyes my dear, but you cannot see
How I long for the day when you will notice me
Sirens shall blare and so the bells shall ring… 113 more words


Breasts need our support: Part 2

By Youlendree Appasamy

Part 1

In Part 2 of my series about finding, diagnosing, treating and living with a giant fibroadenoma (aka a breast lump), I tackle my mother and the medical professionals assigned to my case (including two different male surgeons, two male radiographers and multiple female nurses). 623 more words


HistoQuarterly: FIBROADENOMA

Working in a histology lab means that I get to see a lot of what our body looks like under the microscope.  Quarterly I will share with you some of my photos from the microscopic world of our inner space and tell you a little bit about what we’re looking at. 1,113 more words