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Just took this little gem out of the mailbox.  Really?  They couldn’t pick up a phone for this?  It would have been nice to not have to wait the extra couple of days for this to come in the mail. 86 more words


New tissue analyzer will probably need to do more

According to a report on the ScienceDaily web site this morning, a German company called Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has developed a prototype of an analytic tissue processor that can reliably distinguish between benign and cancerous prostate tissue within 90 seconds. 336 more words



October has come and gone… We’re in the home run for 2014! Time seems to disappear between now and Christmas.

The last post written by my gorgeous friend hopefully got all the girls thinking about Breast Awareness Month. 481 more words


The devil is SUCH a liar.....cancer scare but my God reigns victorious!!

If you follow me on facebook, most of you know I had a fairly large place removed from my arm to be biopsied.  The place had been there for years but had grown in size and had become scaly and would scab over.  904 more words

The Fault In Our Stars

I don’t think I’ve ever cried that much while watching a movie. Yes, I did read the book and I cried during the book too. That was two years ago though so I’m probably going to reread it soon. 298 more words

Day 7: One week down!

I am feeling inspired and excited about being at one week into my goal. 51 more to go!

Staying off the forums has been amazing. I realize that they breed a lot of fear in me. 144 more words

The 'C' Word

A few months ago I had a skin lesion removed from under my right breast. Nothing major. In and out in 15 minutes at my local doctors office. 271 more words