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Benihana Restaurants Regret Using Revolutionary ‘Cook It Yourself, In Front Of Yourself’ Tactic

Miami, FL – Benihanas is famous for having the chefs cook the meal on a hibachi grill at the customer’s table while doing tricks such as throwing knives, using spatulas to throw shrimp tails, etc.   201 more words


The Shrimp Shame

Welcome to a new Category, Story Time. All posts in this category will contain stories from my past, or stories I have heard from friends or relatives. 514 more words


Benihana, Mayfair

 If Charlie were to tell me that we were going to a steak-house/sushi restaurant for dinner where a crazed Japanese chef makes volcano’s out of onions and lobs them at you from across the table whilst singing “I’m coming out” by Diana Ross, I probably would have opted to stick to Jamie’s. 437 more words


Dinner and a movie

How have I never had Teppanyaki before?  I’m pretty certain I have lived the most sheltered (and by this I mean hermit) life ever.

I could barely contain my excitement what with the tap-tap-tap of the chef’s knives, the fire and the clapping from the tables surrounding us as we sat down – clearly I’m easily amused.  196 more words


New Year's Eve in London

First, let me start by saying Happy New Year to all my readers!

2014 was a pretty fabulous year. I finally got my degree, which had been my life goal for as long as I can remember, I spent 3 amazing months in Florida and got a blogging internship there and I have been in the funnest relationship ever since about June. 933 more words

Christmas Eve Dinner With The Renders

Christmas is my favorite time of year because of the decorations, shopping, spending time with family, and lots of eating. Every couple of years, my family and I love to have Christmas Eve dinner at Benihana, which is an upscale hibachi steak house. 165 more words


Day 15

Day 15: not exactly hand lettering, but here’s another rebrand project I’ve been working on for Benihana. It shows the motion of a spatula as well as a traditional Japanese fan! 8 more words