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When you have NOwhere to go

We are always on the go. Have you ever had the time to think about it? Even if you are that lazy person who just sits around does nothing, with a big belly hanging out, remote in one hand complimented by some junk food or a smartphone, you guys are also on the move. 233 more words


My Early Weekend: Torba at Little Stanley Street, South Bank

Sometimes we need a break from stress and mundane routines. Sometimes you’re impatient like me and decide to take a weekend away before the weekend is underway. 391 more words

Trogoderma glabrum: The Benjamin Button of the Insect World

By Joe Ballenger

Dermestid beetles are usually decomposers that feed on corpses at the very last stages of decomposition. Many are pests because they damage museum specimens which cannot be replaced. 549 more words

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Kids vs. Adults

When we were little, our dream was to grow up and do whatever we wanted in terms of career choice and make loads of money doing it. 368 more words